underscored hasbro moving baby yoda
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Whether you’ve already locked in an order for a Baby Yoda Funko or a classic plush, you ain’t see nothing yet. Hasbro has a fully animontronic version of our lovable Baby Yoda launching this Fall. Better yet, the (appropriately named) The Child Animontronic Edition is up for preorder right now for $59.99. Currently, Amazon.com shows an estimated delivery date of December 15.

Hasbro and Disney put their heads together and the result is a version of The Child that moves, coos and truly woos’. Essentially it gives you a baby yoda that you can call your own. And it’s really like your own walking and talking Baby Yoda. The Child is powered by two AAA batteries (which are included in the box) and has speakers inside so you can hear him babbling like a baby. Since his arms move, you’ll be able to really see The Force in action.

The Child will close his eyes and extend his arms, just like in The Mandalorian. In fact, The Child Animontronic Edition has more than 25 sounds and motion combinations that come from the show. Eyes will open and close, ears will perk, and the arms and head will move. It’s adorable.

We got to see The Child Animatronic Edition in action recently, and it’s really impressive, especially the Force movement. He closes his eyes, stretches his arms and gives a deep sigh. You can tell that he’s using all he’s got, as we saw in action in The Mandalorian. He’ll also ease on throughout the day with thoughtful gestures and sweet coos. Plus, with sensors on board, he can react to movement and when you set him down for a nap, he’ll close his eyes and take a Force nap. It’s super cool.

For the price, you’re getting a lot of value and a seriously impressive toy. The Child Animatronic Edition is joining a plethora of other Baby Yoda offerings from Hasbro, including The Child Talking Plush Toy, which will launch in the spring for $24.99 and is up for preorder now. This version of The Child measures 7.5 inches and includes a bowl for soup and a frog.

For those who want a posable figure, there’s a 6.5-inch figure from $19.99 from Hasbro or the cute 2.2-inch collectible series. And if you’re looking for The Mandalorian’s ship, Lego’s version of the Razor Crest will launch this fall for $129.99. Plus check out our other Baby Yoda finds.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed prices at the time of publication.