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If you’ve been fiddling with your Google Assistant but don’t know what to try next, you’ve come to the right place. With your Google Home, Google Home Mini, Nest Mini and related devices, we’ve compiled a few commands here you might like to try.

Your Google Assistant is a powerful management tool that can be used to make alarms, set reminders, look up info and much more. You can even use it to interpret other languages or make calls to friends and family. Plus, it’s great for entertainment at parties where you or guests want to show off your newest musical interests. Take a look at our instructions for setting up your Google Home or related device if we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

If you’re already set up, try some of these interesting and useful functions to get the most out of your Google Assistant.

Interpreter mode

Much like Google Translate, your Google Home can help you learn and interpret different languages. Just ask your Google Assistant something like, “Ok Google, be my French interpreter” and it’ll act accordingly. You can also simply ask it to turn on interpreter mode and then identify which languages you want it to translate. Once you hear a tone, let the conversation begin.

Broadcast across devices

If this isn’t your first Google Home, you can use your devices as a sort of intercom system throughout your house. To do so, say something like, “broadcast” or “announce” followed by a message. When you’re done speaking, your Google Home will send your voice to all your Homes and Nests.

20 Questions with Akinator

You may not have heard of him, but Akinator is a popular internet game in which a genie tries to guess the celebrity or character you’re thinking of. Try asking your Google Assistant, “Hey Google, play Akinator” and you can chat with him. All you have to do is think of a character and he’ll begin playing 20 questions with you. Chances are, you’ll have a hard time stumping him.

Cast Control

Have a Chromecast and a Google Assistant smart speaker? Well you can decide what to cast on your TV with just your voice. It takes just a few taps to link up your Netflix account with your Google Home. Open up the Google Home app, tap the menu icon (looks like a person), then More settings under the Google Assistant section. Next, select Services, Videos and Photos and finally scroll to Netflix. Finally, tap the Link icon to start Chromecasting

Multiple Commands

You don’t have to say just one command at a time with the Google Assistant. Much like Alexa on Amazon’s Echo devices, you can string commands together and save a bit of breath. Here’s an example: “Ok Google, dim the kitchen lights, turn on the bedroom lights and tell me the weather for tomorrow.”

With VoiceMatch, a Nest Mini or other Google Assistant Speaker can customize the experience for specific people. It goes back to what you have setup on your Google account via the Home app for Android or iOS. You’ll need to have let it learned your voice and from there it can know you interests

Guest Mode

With guest mode, you can still share your Google Home with guests without having to lend out your precious WiFi password. To get the process rolling, open up your Google Home app, select your device and tap the Settings icon, which takes the form of a gear. Next, select Guest Mode and turn it on, taking note of the 4 digit PIN. Now, your friends can open a Chromecast-enabled app like Netflix, Youtube or Spotify and use a PIN to gain access to your Google Home.

Voice calls free of charge

Not many people know this, but your Google Home can be used to make free voice calls. It’s easy too, just say, “Hey Google, dial…” and input the phone number. Plus, if your contacts are synced you can just say their name. Just don’t expect too much privacy, as the call will be on speaker. It’s pretty handy when your hands are messy and you need to call a friend for a recipe.

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