Final Fantasy 16 preorders lead

The latest mainline entry in the long-running Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy 16 releases on June 22, 2023, for PlayStation 5. The game’s setting harkens back to more European medieval influences, and the combat is filled with fast-paced real-time action.

For those looking to preorder the game, there are several editions to pick from as well as multiple retailers that offer different exclusive incentives to buy from them.

Final Fantasy 16 preorder bonuses

All preorders for Final Fantasy 16 come with two bonus in-game items, regardless of which edition or retailer:

• Braveheart sword weapon
• Gil Boost Accessory: Cait Sith Charm

Braveheart is an extra weapon for the game’s main protagonist, Clive, to wield. The Cait Sith Charm can be equipped to increase the amount of in-game currency enemies drop when defeated.

Standard Edition

The standard edition of the game will cost $70. Steelbooks from Best Buy are normally a separate $10 purchase, but those who preorder from the retailer will get it for free along with the game.

Deluxe Edition

If you're willing to pay up for some extra goodies, the Deluxe Edition gets you a cloth map in addition to a steelcase.

The Deluxe Edition costs $100 and comes with some physical items in addition to any preorders.

• Cloth world map of Valisthea
• Special Clive Rosfield steelbook case

This steelbook case shows Clive enveloped in flames with his sword. This case is different than the one Best Buy offers. However, if you preorder the Deluxe Edition from Best Buy, you’ll receive both cases.

The PlayStation Store is also offering a Digital Deluxe Edition. It doesn’t come with any of the items that the physical one has, but it offers two additional items.

• Digital mini art book
• Digital mini soundtrack

Collector’s Edition

If you're willing to splurge for a whole ton of physical extras, this premium Collector's Edition will get you a statue, a set of pins, a cloth map and a unique steelbook case.

The Collector’s Edition is exclusively available at the Square Enix Store and it costs $350. It comes with the following physical and digital items:

• Premium Phoenix vs. Ifrit statue
• Metal Eikon Pin Collection
• Cloth world map of Valisthea
• Special Clive Rosfield steelbook case
• Bonus weapon: Blood Sword (digital)

The steelbook case is the same one offered with the Deluxe Edition, and the Blood Sword item is a recurring weapon in the franchise.

Furthermore, the Collector’s Edition will also offer the Scholar’s Spectacles in-game item as well as the digital mini art book and digital mini soundtrack that come with the PlayStation Store digital preorders.

The wall banners from the GameStop preorders and Best Buy steelbook are included with the Collector’s Edition too.

Retailer-exclusive preorder bonuses

Square Enix Store — The Realms of Valisthea Wall Banners

These are 6-inch-height printed cloth banners and are limited to one per order while supplies last. The banners each represent the flags of the nations in the game: the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, the Holy Empire of Sanbreque, the Kingdom of Waloed, the Dhalmekian Republic, the Iron Kingdom and the Crystalline Dominion.

GameStop — The Realms of Valisthea patches

These look to be similar to the banners from the Square Enix store. They are also limited while supplies last. Online customers will have their items shipped with the game and in-store customers can pick up their items.

Best Buy — Final Fantasy XVI Steelbook

The steelbook for the game shows Clive’s face with the Roman numeral XVI over it. This one is different than the one that comes with Deluxe Edition preorders.

Target — $10 Target gift card

PlayStation Store — Scholar’s Spectacles in-game item

This is available for digital preorders over on the PlayStation store. The item increases the number of experience points that Clive receives after battles.