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This year, Epson’s putting its laser technology to the test once again. This time, it’s a streaming solution in the form of the new EF-100 laser projector with included Android TV operating system. It’s available now for $999.99.

Basically, the EF-100 projector is competitively powerful. With its 2000-lumen projector, up to a 150-inch-diagonal image and HD capability, you can expect a tremendously sharp image projected onto virtually any flat surface in your home. You can even watch with the lights on.

Behind the image is a veritable bounty of tech, like the True 3-Chip Projector Design, which gives you 100% color signal in every frame. The Epson Cinema Lens consists of nine elements that sharply focus light for edge-to-edge crispness. The laser array tech contributes even more to the brightness but also helps amplify black density for great control over the brightness spectrum. Epson packed in auto skew correction too, which analyzes the projection surface and keeps the image clear.

The EF-100 is not alone in the projector market. Among many others, it’s on the more expensive side — Anker’s Nebula Mars II, Nebula Mars II Pro, Nebula Capsule and Nebula Capsule II stand out for comparison. For example, both the Nebula and EF-100 can project an image of up to 150 inches. And while the EF-100 appears just a bit bigger than the Nebula Mars II and Pro, it overtakes them in projector lumens.

The other big plus with this projector is its included Android TV interface. This gives you access to a host of streaming services like YouTube, Hulu, ESPN, Disney+ and many more. Sometimes a TV or mobile device just doesn’t capture the cinematic quality of modern shows and movies.

If you’re interested in high-quality streaming, you can get the EF-100 in white or in black this month for $999.99. See for yourself why Epson is a leading brand in projectors.

Note: The prices above reflect the retailer’s listed price at the time of publication.