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The W3 charging stand from Elago isn’t just adorable; it’s also surprisingly functional for charging your Apple Watch. The compact piece of rubber resembles the original Macintosh all-in-one desktop.

A great way to charge your Apple Watch

Elago's W3 Stand is an affordable, adorable and highly functional solution for charging your Apple Watch.

When you place the wearable in for a charge, you’ll quickly see how this stand is one in a million. The Apple Watch’s screen takes the place of the classic Mac screen and lets you easily view the date and time — as well as the charge level. And the Apple Watch will automatically switch to Nightstand Mode when in this orientation on the charger. Additionally, since the Elago W3 stand has a bit of heft to it, along with a nonslip grip at the bottom, it can keep everything securely in place on your nightstand.

Elago offers the W3 in the true-to-the-original white of the original Macintosh, or you can opt for it in black.

If you want something a little more colorful, the W4 Stand resembles the original colorful iMac G3. You can opt for this stand in Aqua Blue or Aqua Pink. For the gamers, Elago also makes a W5 Stand that resembles the original Game Boy. And for someone who wants something a little more unique, Elago’s W2 Stand is simple and comes in various colors. With any of these, you’ll need to bring your own Apple Watch charger.

Regardless of design, these are all crafted out of silicone to enable a functional design and an easy installation.