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Whether you’ve upgraded to the latest iPhone 13 or you were gifted one this holiday season, finding the perfect case to keep your new purchase not only protected but also stylish can be a daunting task. Well, fear not, because we’ve rounded up our top case picks for Apple’s latest and greatest.

Ranging in price and design, these cases are perfect whether you’re looking for a bold and bright option or something more simple to show off the iPhone 13’s already sleek build. With picks from some of our most loved brands, like Casetify, Nomad and Incipio, these cases are sure to fit the bill.

Simple cases

The design and build of your iPhone 13 or iPhone 13 Pro speaks for itself, so pairing it with a simple case just makes sense. Whether you opt for a totally clear or single-toned case, these picks are durable and protective and keep functionality top of mind.

Gripmunk ($14.99; smartish.com)


This simple case has rubberized sides to add extra grip so you’re less likely to drop your phone. It comes in a black or clear option, keeping it super simple and clean.

Wallet Slayer Vol. 1 ($19.99; smartish.com)

Wallet Slayer Vol. 1

Serving function but also fashion is this wallet case from Smartish. It’s available in three solid colors and three patterned options. It can hold three cards and cash, and it’s still super lightweight and durable.

Spigen Tough Armor Case ($16.99; amazon.com)

Spigen Tough Armor Case

This simple black case highlights the Apple logo on the back of your phone. It’s an affordable option that also comes with a reinforced kickstand to prop up your phone when you’re playing games or streaming your favorite shows.

Apple Silicone Case With MagSafe ($49; apple.com)

Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

Now available in eight different colors, this silicone option is a simple but functional choice. It’s MagSafe compatible and is soft to the touch. All of these add a nice pop of color to your phone while keeping it protected should accidents happen.

Apple Clear Case With MagSafe ($49; apple.com)

Apple Clear Case with MagSafe

Apple’s clear case perfectly shows off your new iPhone and offers maximum MagSafe compatibility. Since the case is clear, you’ll see the MagSafe system on the back against your phone. It will protect your phone from scratches and drops.

Duo for iPhone 13 Pro ($29.99; incipio.com)

Duo for iPhone 13 Pro

With dual-layer technology, this case from Incipio is slim, protective and simple. It has drop protection for up to 12 feet and comes in six muted tones to keep your phone looking sleek.

Havana for iPhone 13 Pro ($29.99; zagg.com)

Havana for iPhone 13 Pro

The top and bottom corners of this case have been reinforced to add extra protection against drops up to 10 feet. The design itself is fairly minimalistic, but the black case will always be in style.

Totallee Clear iPhone 13 Pro Case ($39; amazon.com)

Totallee Clear iPhone 13 Pro Case

This is a slim and protective option for your new iPhone, with a rubbery finish to add extra grip to prevent drops from happening. If you’re not jazzed about the clear option it also comes in four solid colors.

Sport Case ($39.95; nomadgoods.com)

Sport Case

While we love Nomad for its leather accessories, we’re excited to see a sport option in its lineup. The case comes in five different colors and has a grippy bumper for added hold. It’s also MagSafe compatible and features near-field communication (NFC) for easy information sharing.

Santa Cruz Snap for iPhone 13 Pro ($49.99; zagg.com)

Santa Cruz Snap for iPhone 13 Pro

Choose from black or blue with this clear MagSafe-compatible case. While the case itself is clear, the magnets for MagSafe are either white or blue, so depending on which iPhone 13 color you’ve chosen, it might blend in.

Pelican Voyager in Clear ($60; case-mate.com)

Pelican Voyager in Clear

This case has four layers of protection and provides drop protection for up to 18-foot drops. It’s an ultra-rugged option that also comes with a holster stand. The case itself is clear and will show off your phone’s finish while keeping it extra safe.

Bold Case With MagSafe ($40; getcasely.com)

Bold Case with MagSafe

A two-toned option, this case is available in 19 different colorways. The back of the case is a solid tone, while the sides reveal a different hue. It’s Casely’s most protective case and will protect against drops up to 8 feet.

Grip for MagSafe for iPhone 13 Pro ($49.99; incipio.com)

Grip for MagSafe for iPhone 13 Pro

This no-frills case comes in both clear and black for a minimalistic design that will keep your phone safe from accidents and mishaps. It’s also designed for use with MagSafe accessories and protects your device from drops up to 14 feet.

Vancouver Snap for iPhone 13 Pro ($59.99; zagg.com)

Vancouver Snap for iPhone 13 Pro

With 13-foot drop protection and interior air channels designed to help keep your phone cool, the Vancouver Snap case was designed with gamers in mind. It’ll help keep your phone cool and has a contoured design to feel comfortable in your hands.

Humixx Crystal Case ($17.99; amazon.com)

Humixx Crystal Case

This clear case will show off your phone while keeping it protected from scratches. It’s made with yellowing resistant materials to keep the case looking clean throughout use and has cushioned corners to reduce impact from any drops or mishaps.

Cucell Silicone iPhone Case ($12.99, originally $13.99; amazon.com)

Cucell Silicone iPhone Case

Available in 12 different color options, this silicone case is soft to the touch and super slim. It has a three-layer design to absorb the impact of drops to prevent damage. Additionally, the inside features a microfiber lining to help stop scratches.

Spigen Silicone Fit for iPhone 13 ($18.99; amazon.com)

Spigen Silicone Fit for iPhone 13

Soft but durable, Spigen’s silicone case will keep your device safe with its four-layer design. It’s also available in four muted tones.

Pattern cases

Your phone case is a perfect opportunity to show off your personal style. Choose from these pattern cases to add a flair of color and fun to your phone while keeping it protected. A pattern case is a great way to stay trendy style-wise since you’re already up to date with the newest Apple phone.

Gripmunk With MagSafe ($24.99; smartish.com)

Gripmunk with MagSafe

With a pretty floral design, this case from Smartish has a durable construction with air pocket corners to absorb impact if you happen to drop your device. It also has extra-grippy sides, so you shouldn’t have to worry about drops.

Smiley Face Sticker Case ($30; getcasely.com)

Smiley Face Sticker Case

Happy and fun, this case is covered in smiley faces in a range of colors. It’s MagSafe compatible and has raised edges to help protect your screen should you happen to drop your phone.

Design Series for iPhone 13 Pro ($34.99; incipio.com)

Design Series for iPhone 13 Pro

A slim but protective option, this pick from Incipio adds a blue and iridescent design to the back of your phone that’s light and airy. It protects from drops up to 10 feet and is coated with anti-scratch finishes to keep it looking clean.

Presidio Perfect-Clear With Glitter ($44.95; speckproducts.com)

Presidio Perfect-Clear with Glitter

A clear case with glitter all over the back, Speck’s case is slim but offers dual-layer protection from drops. It also has a raised camera ring to keep your camera lenses protected if accidents happen.

Kate Spade Defensive Hardshell Case for iPhone 13 Pro ($49.99; incipio.com)

Kate Spade Defensive Hardshell case for iPhone 13 Pro

This case is sweet and simple; it’s clear with light pink-and-white flowers and pink sides for subtle color. It’s also protective for drops up to 12 feet.

Trippy by Oh So Graceful Case ($60; casetify.com)

Trippy by Oh So Graceful Case

This super-colorful case features a swirl of purple, pink, blue and yellow hues. Plus, you can customize the side colors of the case. The case is also part of the ReCasetify program, meaning it’s made from upcycled phone cases to help reduce plastic waste.

Custom Phone Case ($55; casetify.com)

Custom Phone Case

Create your perfect phone case with Casetify’s customizable options. Choose from a variety of fonts, case and text colors as well as layouts to add a personal flair to your phone.

Butterfly Case ($40; case-mate.com)

Butterfly Case

Bold and bright butterflies are paired with a clear case to give your new smartphone a chic and trendy look. It’ll add a nice burst of color while also showing off the sleek shades of the iPhone 13. It offers both scratch protection and drop protection for up to 10 feet.

Orange Stamped Case ($40; getcasely.com)

Orange Stamped Case

This case is slim and won’t add any bulk to your phone and is still MagSafe compatible. The orange-and-white design is bright and cheery and adds a little pop of color.

Soap Bubble Case With MagSafe ($50; case-mate.com)

Soap Bubble Case (MagSafe)

With an iridescent shine, the Soap Bubble case from Case-Mate shows off your new phone’s design while adding a bit of fun. It’ll protect your phone from drops up to 10 feet.

Bright Yellow Sunflowers Clear Case ($25; getcasely.com)

Bright Yellow Sunflowers Clear Case

This sunflower case will add a burst of sunshine to your phone. The bright flowers will pop on whatever color iPhone 13 you’ve picked and the case offers 360 degrees of drop protection.

Pressed Real Dried Flower Phone Case ($12.99; etsy.com)

Pressed Real Dried Flower Phone Case

A soft TPU case is paired with real dried flowers for an elegant and chic look. We love the way this case shows off your iPhone 13 while adding a whimsical touch. You can select from three different designs for a flowery look that’s just your style.

Blox in Fog Marble ($40; case-mate.com)

Blox in Fog Marble

Make a bold statement with this unique option from CaseMate. The Blox cases offer 10-foot drop protection and feature hard corners for a rectangular shape. Shock-absorbing materials inside aid in durability, and it’s finished with a marble design.

PopCase Graphics for iPhone 13 ($50; popsockets.com)

PopCase Graphics for iPhone 13

With an integrated PopGrip for added hold, this rainbow-toned case offers up to 10 feet of drop protection. The PopGrip can double as a kickstand for viewing and scrolling on the go. It’s a fun and bright case that adds a burst of color to your accessories lineup.

Monogram Tortoise iPhone ($36.99; etsy.com)

Monogram Tortoise iPhone

Choose from a glossy or matte finish and add your initials for a case that’s yours and yours only. We love the customization option of this case and the bold, bright graphic design. There are three different tortoiseshell tones to choose from as well as 16 different color choices for your initials.

Leather cases

Leather will always be in style and provide a professional and clean look to your phone. With picks from Apple, Nomad and Incipio, we’ve found cases ranging in colors and price.

LONLI Classic Leather Case ($26.91; amazon.com)

leather case iphone 13

While we haven’t gone hands-on with this LONLI leather case. It’s available in brown or black with a harder outer surface, and a microfiber lining on the inside complete with magnets for MagSafe.

Apple Leather Case With MagSafe ($59; apple.com)

Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

We’re excited to see that Apple has extended its leather case color lineup. You can choose from five colors: Golden Brown, Sequoia Green, Deep Cherry, Midnight (a black option) or Wisteria (a nice light purple). Additionally, these support MagSafe out of the box for easy wireless charging.

Coach Leather Slim Wrap Case for iPhone 13 Mini ($59.99; incipio.com)

Coach Leather Slim Wrap Case for iPhone 13 Mini

Available in black and brown, this case offers a subtle Coach logo pattern all over. It’s compatible with wireless and MagSafe charging and has a soft interior lining to keep your new phone from getting scratched.

Modern Leather Case ($59.95; nomadgoods.com)

Modern Leather Case

Nomad’s Horween leather case comes in three tones and offers up to 10-foot drop protection. Whether you opt for light brown, dark brown or black, the leather is meant to patina over time so it always looks good.

Modern Leather Folio Case ($79.95; nomadgoods.com)

Modern Leather Folio Case

This leather option doubles as a wallet with three card slots and a slot for cash. It folds over to cover your screen when you’re not using your phone and is available in black or a rich dark brown.

Handcraft Leather iPhone Case ($40, originally $100; etsy.com)

Handcraft Leather iPhone Case

This handcrafted iPhone case pairs a durable plastic frame with a leather covering. You can choose from six different tones to match your style. Ultimately, it brings a classic and sophisticated design to your phone

Eco-friendly cases

These cases keep your phone protected while also protecting our environment. Options like these from Pela or Incipio are 100% compostable in the proper environments, so they’ll leave no plastic waste once your case is no longer in use.

Organicore for iPhone 13 Pro ($39.99; incipio.com)

Organicore for iPhone 13 Pro

A solid one-color design, the Organicore case offers up to 8-foot drop protection and is 100% compostable. Plus, with every Organicore case sold a tree is planted. It comes in three more muted tones for a nice touch of color that isn’t too bold.

Organicore Clear for iPhone 13 Pro ($44.99; incipio.com)

Organicore Clear for iPhone 13 Pro

A clear and sustainable option, this pick from Incipio offers up to 14-foot drop protection and is 100% compostable. It has a clear back to show off your iPhone 13’s color and you can choose from five different designs to line the edges of your phone.

Clear Case With Green Rider ($40.45, originally $44.95; pelacase.com)

Clear Case with Green Rider

With a clear back and colorful edge, this pick from Pela protects your phone and the environment. It’ll help prevent your phone from getting scratched or damaged, and you can choose from three different edge colors.

Sage Green iPhone Case ($35.95, originally $39.95; pelacase.com)

Sage Green iPhone Case

This case is made of Pela’s compostable Flaxstic, which is a soft but durable material that’ll stand the test of accidents like drops and scuffs. The case is available in five different colors: sage green, black, a forest green, light purple and darker blue.

Seashell Monarch Butterfly Case ($44.95, originally $49.95; pelacase.com)

Seashell Monarch Butterfly Case

We like this case for the pretty butterfly and flower design paired with a soft off-white case. It’s a perfect pick if you want to show off your love of nature while keeping your iPhone 13 protected from drops, scratches and scuffs.

Custom Compostable Case (45; casetify.com)

Custom Compostable Case

If you love Casetify’s customization as much as us but you’re also looking for a more sustainable case, this is the best of both worlds. Choose from three different case color options and a plethora of fonts for a case that’s totally unique to you while also keeping the planet safe since it’s made from compostable materials.

Screen protectors

Your new phone’s screen has Ceramic Shield to keep it from getting scratched or damaged, but if you want some added peace of mind, adding a screen protector is a great option.

Screen Protector ($24.95; nomadgoods.com)

Screen Protector

Nomad’s screen protector is made from tempered glass and has an oleophobic coating to reduce fingerprints and smudges. The screen protector covers the notch at the top of your phone with a small hole for the earpiece.

Invisible Shield Glass Elite ($39.99; zagg.com)

Invisible Shield Glass Elite

This screen protector is made from aluminosilicate glass, which adds extra durability and scratch protection. It has reinforced edges to prevent chips and cracks. It also has ClearPrint to help disperse any oil from your fingertips to reduce smudges.

Alpha Glass Screen Protector ($39.95; otterbox.com)

Alpha Glass Screen Protector

This anti-shatter and ultra-thin screen protector offers lots of peace of mind when it comes to device protection. The contoured design allows for edge-to-edge protection and a tempered glass build will keep your screen clear.

Glass Screen Protector ($15, originally $30; case-mate.com)

Glass Screen Protector

Made of a durable tempered glass, CaseMate’s screen protector will help keep your iPhone 13 screen free of scratches and cracks. It has anti-fingerprint technology to help keep your screen clean and features high-touch sensitivity.