AirPods cases lead
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Your AirPods are likely one of your most-used tech accessories; they’re great for all-day use and they’re super portable for listening on the go. And because you love them so much, you’ll want to keep them as protected as possible.

We’ve rounded up our top picks for cases for your AirPods, first or second generation. All of the cases we’ve found are compatible with wireless charging if you’re using the second-generation model AirPods, offering drop, scratch and even water damage protection so you can keep your AirPods safe and sound.

Elago AirPods Case ($11.99;

Elago AirPods Case

Give your new tech a retro feel with this silicone cover that looks like a ‘90s game console. This case is soft to the touch and will keep your AirPods from getting scratched.

Twelve South AirSnap ($30.44;

Twelve South AirSnap

Leather is always a good look and this case from Twelve South snaps over your AirPods case to keep it securely closed while in your bag or pocket. It hangs on a swivel clip for quick and easy access.

Elago Leather AirPods Case ($14.99, originally $24.99;

Elago Leather AirPods Case

This more affordable leather case holds your AirPods securely and snaps closed. It comes with a brass ring holder to attach to your keys or bag. It comes in four different colors.

Silicone Duo Cap AirPods Case ($9, originally $12;

Silicone Duo Cap AirPods Case

A two-tone case, this pick from Urban Outfitters adds a pop of color to your earbuds. The two-piece construction slides onto your AirPods case, and the silicone material is soft to the touch.

Bliss Happens AirPods Case ($35;

Bliss Happens AirPods Case

We like this iridescent hard-shell case for its protection and durability. The smiley face adds a bit of fun too and the case overall is a trendy option.

AirPods Case ($5.99;

AirPods Case

This highly rated case from Amazon offers 4-foot drop protection and water protection. It’s a silicone case that’s super slim and comes with an easily detachable carabiner. It’s also available in many color options.

Sonix AirPods Case ($10, originally $25;

Sonix AirPods Case

We’re fans of this palm leaf print and the tropical aesthetic. It’s made of plastic and has an antimicrobial coating to help prevent germ growth.

Kate Spade AirPods Case ($35;

Kate Spade AirPods Case

Slip your AirPods into this silicone option that features the Kate Spade logo against a solid black case. It’s chic and classic and will always be in style.

Go With the Flow AirPods Case ($35;

Go With The Flow AirPods Case

This case is super simple but with a fun message on it. It’s available in six colors and is made from plastic that will prevent any exterior damage from accidents.

Custom Compostable AirPods Case ($30, originally $35;

Custom Compostable AirPods Case

An eco-friendly option, this cute AirPods case pairs Casetify’s customizability with the brand’s soft and durable compostable material. Add your name or initials for a personal touch.

Navy Blue AirPods Case ($20;

Navy Blue AirPods Case

If you’re partial to more simple designs, Casely’s navy case is a great option. It’s a classic look and the slim fit keeps your case from feeling bulky.

Cow Hard-Shell AirPods Case ($18;

Cow Hardshell AirPods Case

Cow print is fun and trendy, so we’re fans of this case. The case is made out of plastic and will prevent your case from scratches.

Spigen Urban Fit AirPods Case ($22.99, originally $29.99;

Spigen Urban Fit AirPods Case

This industrial-looking case has a microfiber lining to protect your case on the inside from scratches and damage should you drop your earbuds. The durable exterior helps absorb shock should accidents happen.

Native Union Marquetry Case for AirPods ($33.99;

Native Union Marquetry Case for AirPods

The coloring on this case offers three different tones all in one leather option. It’s a fun take on a classic look and will keep your AirPods scratch-free.

Ride the Wave AirPods Case ($20;

Ride The Wave AirPods Case

A retro and colorful option, this pastel rainbow pick from Casely protects your earbuds from drops and falls should accidents happen.

Hamile Silicone AirPods Case ($3.99;

Hamile Silicone AirPods Case

Available in a whole host of colors, this silicone case fits snugly onto your AirPods case and has a cover for the charging port to reduce dust damage.

DamonLight AirPods Case ($10.98;

DamonLight AirPods Case

This case offers multiple layers of protection to help reduce damage should you drop your case. We like the two bright colors on the case as well.

Soap Bubble AirPods Case ($20;

Soap Bubble AirPods Case

A fun and trendy pick, the Soap Bubble case offers a slim fit and antimicrobial coating. The iridescent swirl is fun and elevates the look of your already sleek earbuds.

AirPods Ispra Series Case ($29.95;

AirPods Ispra Series Case

Available in four different colors, this pick from OtterBox has a grippy base for added stability and hold so you’re less likely to drop your earbuds. It’s made of a hard plastic that offers 360-degree protection.

Active Rugged Case ($9.95, originally $34.95;

Active Rugged Case

This case is made with hydrophobic and water-resistant leather to prevent any possible water damage. The inside has a microfiber lining to keep your case from getting scratched.

AirPods Case ($29.95;

AirPods Case

This case has a soft feel and a grippy base to give you extra hold. It comes in four different colors: two muted tones and two bright options so you can coordinate with the rest of your tech accessories.

Rugged Case ($34.95;

Rugged Case

Made from Mocha Heinen leather, this case from Nomad gives a classic and cool look. It’s available in both a dark brown and black and is also water-resistant.

Eco-Friendly Case for AirPods ($29.99;

Eco Friendly Case for AirPods

LifeProof’s AirPods case is made from 75% ocean-based recycled plastic. It comes with a quick snap carabiner for easy attachment to key rings and bags so you always have your earbuds.

Cantaloupe AirPods Case ($17.95, originally $24.95;

Cantaloupe AirPods Case

We like this case for the bright color and environmental sustainability. It’s made of Pela’s Flakstick material that is entirely compostable. You’ll feel good knowing you’re keeping both your AirPods and the earth safe.

Pelican Protector AirPods Case ($20;

Pelican Protector AirPods Case

This case is ribbed and shock absorbent to keep your AirPods and case from getting damaged if you drop them. It’s also coated in an antimicrobial coating to minimize bacterial growth.