Clear Watch Bumper

Sure, your Apple Watch is designed to be durable. But sometimes a little extra security can go a long way. Whether you want to protect your watch from everyday wear or keep it safe through tougher adventures, it’s worth considering the addition of a case or screen protector.

We’ve rounded up picks from CaseMate, LifeProof, Zagg and more that will help save your Apple Watch from damage in nearly any scenario.

Best Apple Watch cases

LifeProof Eco-Friendly Case for Apple Watch ($29.99;

LifeProof Eco Friendly Case for Apple Watch

This low-profile design keeps the Apple Watch thin, but still protects the display and sides from bumps or drops. It’s also crafted from 85% recycled ocean plastic and is available in seven different colors.

OtterBox EXO Edge Case ($29.95;

EXO Edge Case

The EXO Edge bumper case from OtterBox is also available in seven different colors and is made from a polycarbonate material that protects the sides and edges of your Apple Watch in the event of slams and scrapes.

Case-Mate Clear Watch Bumper ($15;

Clear Watch Bumper

If you’re looking for a clear option to show off the design of your wearable, we like this transparent pick from Case-Mate. It simply snaps around the Apple Watch, while still allowing you to easily swap out bands and hit buttons.

Case-Mate Pelican Protector Bumper ($20;

Pelican Protector Bumper

Available in a green camo or light purple, the Pelican Protector Bumper comes with a raised bezel to protect your watch’s screen, which can help save it from a dreaded screen-first drop.

Case-Mate Tough Clear Watch Bumper ($20;

Tough Clear Watch Bumper

This clear solution snaps onto the Apple Watch, letting the original color shine through. A minimalist solution, this Case-Mate bumper won’t sacrifice the look of your watch for the added protection.

Goton Waterproof Case ($8.99;

Goton Waterproof Case

Compatible with the 44mm Series 4/5/6 watches, this case and screen protector combo goes the extra mile. The screen protector, made of tempered glass for a more responsive screen, is also shockproof and waterproof. And you can match it to the color of your watch with a choice of eight different colors.

Hankn 38mm Plated Bumper ($7.98;

Hankn 38mm Plated Bumper

This super-affordable case provides scratch, dust and dirt protection without hiding the design of your wearable. The soft and clear TPU material is easy to install and leaves you with full access to your watch.

Kate Spade Tortoiseshell Pattern Bumper Case ($38;

Kate Spade Tortoiseshell Pattern Bumper Case

This trendy pick from Kate Spade features a chic tortoise shell pattern reminiscent of a classic watch style. But, this fashionable choice also lets you charge your watch, swap out bands and access your screen without any disruption.

Casetify Gold Apple Watch Case ($15;

Casetify Gold Apple Watch Case

If you love the metallic finish of your Apple Watch, you’ll get the same stunning finish on your wearable with Casetify’s gold case, plus you can match it with Casetify’s Watch Band for a perfectly polished look. This case will help prevent scratches to your device and add a polished look to the design. If you’re not into the gold, it’s also available in a silver or black finish.

Raptic Defense Bumper ($29.99;

Raptic Defense Bumper

You can never go wrong with a simple black case for your Apple Watch. The soft rubber lining keeps your watch scratch-free and features an anodized aluminum exterior for a protective but durable feel. If you’re not a fan of the black you can also purchase this case in a clear style.

Best Apple Watch screen protectors

LifeProof Alpha Flex Screen Protector ($24.99;

LifeProof Alpha Flex Screen Protector

LifeProof’s Apple Watch screen protector is shatter-resistant and molded to fit the curved design of your screen. It’ll maintain touch sensitivity and screen clarity so you’ll be able to get the most out of your watch in nearly any scenario. And since it’s real glass, it should hold up against drops, nicks or scratches.

Zagg InvisibleShield UltraClear+ ($14.99;

Zagg InvisibleShield UltraClear+

This sleek screen protector features anti-microbial technology and provides edge-to-edge shatter protection. We also like the high gloss finish that feels just like the watch screen itself.

Zagg InvisibleShield GlassFusion+ 360 Flexible Hybrid Screen Protector and Bumper ($39.99;

Zagg InvisibleShield GlassFusion+ 360 Flexible Hybrid Screen Protector and Bumper

Made of a glass composite, this pick from Zagg absorbs shock and disperses impact from potential damage. It’s paired with a watch bumper, making for a highly protective combination that fits onto your watch seamlessly. The screen protector is also smudge-resistant to better help you see your screen.

Zagg InvisibleShield GlassFusion+ ($29.99;

Zagg InvisibleShield GlassFusion+

Designed for the Apple Watch Series 7 41mm, this screen protector is made from flexible glass-like material that helps absorb shock and comes with antimicrobial coating to better protect against germs.

ZNitro Nitro Shield Screen Protector (2-Pack) ($9.99;

ZNitro Nitro Shield Screen Protector (2-Pack)

You’ll be ready to go with this two-pack of screen protectors at an affordable price. This protector maintains proper touch sensitivity and screen clarity while leveling the playing field against scratches or scuffs.