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AirTags are item trackers that integrate with the Find My app on your iPhone to help you keep track of common objects you tend to misplace (think your bag, your keys or your wallet!). They’re super helpful if you often find yourself wandering the house wondering which room you left your stuff in.

You can snag a single AirTag for $29 or a pack of four for $99. They’re handy little devices that integrate seamlessly into your Apple ecosystem and help you stay more organized.

While AirTags are great, they’re not going to magically stick to your stuff. You’ll need an accessory— like a key ring, mount or case — to attach them to your belongings. Ranging in price and purpose, we’ve rounded up our favorite AirTag accessories we know you’ll love.

AirTag keychains and key rings

Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring ($35;

Apple AirTag Leather Key Ring

Apple’s Leather Key Ring for AirTag is a pretty straightforward accessory. You’ll place the AirTag into a leather holder that closes with a metal snap. With a handy, albeit large, ring at the top you can easily add it to your keys. You can choose between Saddle Brown, Baltic Blue and Product Red.

Apple AirTag Loop ($29;

Apple AirTag Loop

Simple but functional, this loop is available in four different colors so you can match it to the rest of your tech accessories. It’s made of a durable polyurethane that will keep your AirTag securely fastened, whether you’re looping it onto a backpack, key ring or jacket.

Apple AirTag Leather Loop ($38.90;

Apple AirTag Leather Loop

If you like the aesthetic of leather over polyurethane, this variant of the loop is for you. It’s available in Product Red and Saddle Brown so you can choose between a bold burst of color or a more traditional and muted tone. Loop it onto your purse or briefcase, your coat or even your bike helmet.

Presidio SiliRing ($14.95;

Presidio SiliRing

Available in five colors, the Presidio SiliRing is made from a soft but durable silone that securely holds your AirTag in place. You can attach it to your items using the included key ring.

Secure Holder With Strap for AirTag ($12.99;

Secure Holder With Strap for AirTag

With a twist and lock design, this holder keeps your AirTag on display and is ideal if you’ve personalized your tracker. You can choose from four different colors (black, blue, pink and white). It’s perfect for your luggage, your backpack or looping it onto a key ring.

Presidio SiliLoop ($14.95;

Presidio SiliLoop

This one-piece silicone construction securely loops onto your item to fasten and hold your AirTag in place. The flexible material is durable and comes in five different color options.

AirTag cases and holders

Luggage Tag Pro ($29.95;

Luggage Tag Pro

You won’t have to worry about losing your bag with this luggage tag from Speck. It has dual magnets within to snap close and tightly holds your AirTag in place. The durable construction of a leatherette exterior and microfiber interior means it’ll hold up well during travel as well.

Apple AirTag Grip Case (starting at $19.95;

Apple AirTag Grip Case

If you’re excited to customize your AirTag, you’ll be even more excited to customize this case. With loads of materials and patterns to pick from, it’s easy to find your perfect match. Plus, you’ll get a lanyard and key ring as well as the holder itself.

Custom AirTag Holder ($35;

Custom AirTag Holder

As always, we love Casetify’s customizable cases, and this AirTag holder is no different. Choose from seven different colors and personalize your AirTag case with your name or initials. It comes with a small key ring and carabiner for easy attachment.

Flowers for You by Matthew Langille AirTag Holder ($35;

Flowers for You by Matthew Langille AirTag Holder

If you like the style of Casetify’s AirTag holder but aren’t looking for a customized option, we like this fun and floral design. You’ll know it’s yours from the pop of color, and it can hook onto almost anything.

Deifor AirTag Holder ($15.99;

Deifor AirTag Holder

If you’re looking for an AirTag holder that’s versatile for almost any placement, this highly rated option from Amazon is a great pick. It can loop onto backpack straps or a pet collar, and you can even add your own key ring or carabiner to attach it that way. You’ll get a pack of four at a super-affordable price point.

AirTag Case for Dog Collars ($15;

AirTag Case for Dog Collars

Another great option for a pet collar, this AirTag holder slides onto the collar and securely holds your AirTag. It has a durable outer shell and comes in three different colors, one of which glows in the dark so you can easily see the case — and your pet’s collar — at night.

Hardshell Mount for AirTags ($19.99;

Hardshell Mount for AirTags

This is a great pick if you’re mounting your AirTag to a hard surface. It secures via a rugged adhesive that’s watertight once you stick your mount onto the desired object. The inner foam lining will keep your AirTag from rattling around while in motion.

Sticker Mount AirTag Case ($15;

Sticker Mount AirTag Case

Stick your AirTag to any hard surface with this case from Case-Mate. It sticks on using a strong adhesive, and we think it’s a great choice for objects like remotes, bikes, wallets and water bottles.

Stretch Fabric Mount for AirTags ($19.99;

Stretch Fabric Mount for AirTags

If you want to fasten your AirTag to a more soft and flexible fabric (like your jacket or bag), this mount will do the trick. It features a lightweight and durable powermesh construction with a double-hemmed closure for a secure fit. While it attaches using adhesive, fear not; you can easily remove the mount and reattach it to a different object whenever you’d like.

Curved Surface Mount for AirTags ($19.99;

Curved Surface Mount for AirTags

Not all surfaces are the same, so if you need to mount your item tracker to an uneven surface, Moment has you covered. This mount is made of a flexible silicone with a foam inner lining to protect your AirTag while keeping it secure on your belongings (we think it would be perfect on camera equipment or a water bottle).

More top AirTag accessories

Pet Tag for AirTag ($29.95, originally $39.95;

Pet Tag for AirTag

Nomad made things simple with this AirTag holder specifically designed for pet collars. It’s water- and dustproof, and you can even add a metal engraving to the AirTag holder with your pet’s (and your) information. You can choose between a black or white case to coordinate with your pet’s accessory.

AirTag Glasses Strap ($34.95;

AirTag Glasses Strap

Glasses are a commonly misplaced item, but you won’t have to worry about losing them with this strap. It securely holds your AirTag and slips onto the ends of your glasses. It also acts as a tensioner to keep your classes tightly fitted to your head.

Case-Mate AirTag Bracelet for Kids ($19.99;

Case-Mate AirTag Bracelet for Kids

If you want to keep track of your little one using an AirTag, this bracelet will do just the trick. It comes in four different colors (black, blue, coral and lime green) and is made for children’s wrists aged 6 and up.

Card for AirTag ($19.95, originally $24.95;

Card for AirTag

Your wallet is a pretty important item, and the Card for AirTag will help you keep track of it. It’s a credit card-sized AirTag holder that is sized to avoid an awkward bump in your wallet. You simply snap your tag in place and slide the card into your wallet.