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AirPods Pro have continuously impressed us, so much so that they were our pick for best true wireless earbuds for Apple users. We’re sure you love your AirPods Pro as much as we do, so we know you’ll want to keep them protected while you take them on the go. Whether you’re carrying them to and from the office or class, or taking them from room to room while working from home, accidents inevitably happen and you’ll want a case to keep them from getting damaged.

We’ve rounded up our top picks for cases for your AirPods Pro. With soft silicone or hard plastic options (and some environmentally friendly picks as well), there’s a case to suit your needs. Choose a cool option to show off your personality or opt for a more muted tone to blend in with the rest of your tech. And bonus: All cases we’ve found are compatible with wireless charging. With the perfect case, your AirPods Pro are sure to stay in top shape.

Virgo Constellation AirPods Pro Case ($35;

Virgo Constellation AirPods Pro Case

Virgo season is in full swing, and this case lets you show off your zodiac pride. They’re available for all star signs and you can choose from a black, white or pink case.

R-fun AirPods Pro Case ($5.09, originally $5.99;

R-fun AirPods Pro Case

This affordable silicone case comes in a wide range of colors and is soft to the touch. It’s easy to wash off if you happen to spill on it, and the case itself will protect your AirPods from any scratches.

AirPods Pro Lumen Series Case ($34.95;

AirPods Pro Lumen Series Case

The Lumen series case from OtterBox is clear with black grippy sides to add extra hold. It comes with two carabiner clips, and the shell itself is made of plastic to help protect from scratches.

Custom Compostable AirPods Pro Case ($30, originally $35;

Custom Compostable AirPods Pro Case

Both environmentally sustainable and entirely personal, Casetify’s custom compostable case lets you personalize your AirPods Pro by adding your name or initials.

AirPods Case for AirPods Pro ($13.99; originally $19.99;

AirPods Case for AirPods Pro

The shock-absorbing shell of this case helps reduce damage from drops up to 5 feet. It features a hard-shell exterior paired with a smooth silicone for a soft-touch case that’s easy to grip, so hopefully those big drops won’t happen.

AirPods Pro Ispra Series Case ($23.96, originally $29.95;

AirPods Pro Ispra Series Case

With a solid top and translucent bottom, this rugged case from OtterBox is protective and offers 360-degree protection from scuffs, drops and damages. It comes in a dusty pink, a bright blue or a simple black or white.

Clear AirPods Pro Case ($35;

Clear AirPods Pro Case

This metallic case highlights your AirPods Pro case as high tech and sleek. It comes in a silver or bronze option, and the hard plastic case will keep your earbuds protected from drops and scratches.

Elago AirPods Pro Case ($14.99;

Elago AirPods Pro Case

We like the retro design of this case, which turns your modern earbuds case into a throwback gaming console. The light gray color is classic, but it also comes in black and light pink.

AirPods Pro Case ($23.96, originally $29.95;

AirPods Pro Case

This case has a soft feel and will keep your earbuds protected. The design is classic and minimalist, and it’s available in a light gray, bright blue or pink and black.

Eco-Friendly Case for AirPods Pro ($29.99;

Eco-Friendly Case for AirPods Pro

A hard-shell option, this case from LifeProof is made from 75% ocean-based recycled plastic. It has a textured design that is reminiscent of ocean waves.

Soft AirPods Pro Case ($15;

Soft AirPods Pro Case

Offering drop and scratch protection, this case is a one-piece design and securely grips your AirPods Pro case. It’s available in two bright colors (a coral pink and magenta option) as well as a simple black or white.

Classic White Marble AirPods Pro Case ($20;

Classic White Marble AirPods Pro Case

Adding a chic touch to your already white AirPods Pro case, this marble pick from Casely is elegant and protective. The hard-cover case comes with a clip ring attachment.

Honey AirPods Pro Case ($24.95;

Honey AirPods Pro Case

This eco-friendly option is entirely compostable, which means you’re able to protect your AirPods Pro and the environment at the same time. It’s available in 10 different colors so you can match it to your Pela phone case.

Stuck on U Festival Sticker AirPodsPro Case ($20;

Stuck on U Festival Sticker AirPodsPro Case

Get the fun of stickers with the protection of a case with this Casely option. It’s a clear case that features trendy and bright sticker designs all while keeping your AirPods from getting scratched.

Tough AirPods Pro Case ($20;

Tough AirPods Pro Case

This case is waterproof up to 3 feet and offers up to 4-foot drop protection, so it really is tough like the name says. It has a cover for your Lightning port to prevent water and dust damage and comes in an electric blue for a pop of color.

Soap Bubble AirPods Pro Case ($20;

Soap Bubble AirPods Pro Case

This iridescent case has a slim fit and an antimicrobial coating to help reduce germ spread. It adds a bit of flare to your AirPods Pro case without being too over the top.

Rugged Case ($34.95;

Rugged Case

Leather will always be in style, and we like how this case from Nomad pairs with the high-tech AirPods Pro. It’s available in both a light and deep brown as well as black. The genuine leather of this case is crafted to patina over time so your earbuds will always look good.

Twelve South AirSnap Pro ($39.74;

Twelve South AirSnap Pro

This leather option comes in a light blue, brown and black. It securely holds your AirPods Pro, and the strong metal snap closure keeps the earbuds in place while you’re on the go.

Roam AirPods Pro Case ($29.99;

Roam AirPods Pro Case

Another silicone option, this pick by Native Union is simple and classic. It comes with a carabiner and is available in black or pink. We like the clean look and soft-touch silicone to keep your AirPods Pro protected.

Organicore for AirPods Pro ($24.99;

Organicore for AirPods Pro

Offering 360-degree protection for your AirPods Pro, Incipio’s Organicore case is entirely biodegradable in a compostable environment. It comes in a light pink and a light blue.

Presidio With Soft-Touch Coating ($17.46, originally $24.95;

A slim and protective option, this case has a soft-touch coating as well as an antimicrobial coating. It comes in a classic black or deep ocean blue for a simple look that isn’t too bright. The casing is also anti-stretch, so it should last a long time.

Presidio ClickFlip ($27.96, originally $39.95;

Presidio ClickFlip

What sets this case apart is the locking mechanism it uses to close your AirPods Pro case securely. You simply click the square on the front of the case (which sort of looks like a belt buckle) and your AirPods Pro will open up. It’s also protective for drops up to 4 feet.