Wemo Doorbell

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Belkin’s Wemo line is already our pick for a HomeKit smart plug, but at CES 2022, the brand is looking to expand its smart home portfolio into video doorbells as well. The $249.99 Belkin Wemo Smart Video Doorbell is only the third doorbell of its kind designed exclusively for Apple’s HomeKit platform and boasts a wider camera to stop porch pirates and let you see who’s at your door to easily handle deliveries, all while deeply integrating with your Apple Home setup.

A unique design

Belkin Wemo Smart Video Doorbell

This chunky, shiny black and Space Gray video doorbell is Belkin Wemo’s first in the space and measures nearly 5 inches high. But what makes it unique is the design, which slopes forward at the top where the high-resolution 4-megapixel camera with 178-degree vertical field lives. The whole package is also IP55 weather-resistant to withstand the elements.

So, yes, you’ll also be able to better see packages and people at your door, thanks to a sky-to-ground view. But more critically, the camera also offers enhanced night vision, which gives you a clear view in lower lighting conditions.

Unlike other doorbells — models from Ring and the Nest Doorbell included — you’ll need to hardwire the Wemo Doorbell into any existing doorbell setup. The minimum power requirements are a 16- to 24-volt AC transformer with 30VA or higher.

Belkin understands that self-installation can be intimidating and is partnering with OnTech to provide installation for as low as $99.99.

Ideal for Apple users: Easy setup and detailed alerts

Belkin Wemo Smart Video Doorbell

The Belkin Wemo Doorbell is designed exclusively for Apple HomeKit, so users in other smart home ecosystems (Amazon’s Alexa, the Google Home, SmartThings or Z-Wave) will have to look at other options from brands like Ring, Nest or Arlo. However, setting up this Wemo Doorbell is as simple as scanning a code from the Home app on your iPhone, which will then securely authenticate with your Wi-Fi network and join your home. It can then be viewed from any connected Apple device using your iCloud account and even shared with family members through the Home app.

Like the Nest Doorbell, the Wemo Doorbell comes with AI to identify and record people, pets, packages and vehicles, and they both process this data on-device (you’ll need iCloud+ and a home hub like a HomePod Mini or Apple TV 4K for this, though), limiting privacy concerns. Furthermore, you can use HomeKit Secure Video to securely store the recordings if you have iCloud+. The iCloud+ plan, which is required for watching and storing these recordings, starts at 99 cents per month for one camera.

Opting for iCloud+ will also allow the camera to specifically recognize those in the frame using facial recognition — similar to Nest Aware on the new Nest Doorbell and Cam — as well as send more detailed alerts. Without iCloud+ and a home hub (HomePod Mini or Apple TV 4K), you’ll just get the basic notifications and streaming.

Belkin Wemo Smart Video Doorbell 3

The takeaway

Though not the cheapest of the bunch, the Belkin Wemo Doorbell is a welcome addition to Homekit-enabled doorbells and offers some neat, high-tech features and a selection of new functions.

A crucial differentiator is the integration with HomeKit Secure video, and we also named this doorbell a finalist in our Best of CES 2022 awards for its camera chops and deep integration with Apple Home. You can see the full list of finalists here.

We’ll be going hands-on and reviewing the Belkin Wemo Doorbell shortly, but if you’re interested, you can preorder it now for $249.99.