Zojirushi's Neuro Fuzzy Rice Cooker and Warmer

Cooking rice in a pot can get a little complicated sometimes (too much water? too little?), so to save you from wrestling burned bits off the bottom of your cookware with a spatula, there are rice cookers. Right now, you can get one from Zojirushi on sale on Amazon for 40% off, matching the lowest price we’ve seen in a year.

Best Tested

Get perfectly cooked rice every time with our favorite overall rice cooker, now matching the lowest price we’ve seen in 12 months. 

The Zojirushi took top spot in our roundup of the best rice cookers, and there are a ton of good reasons, especially if you eat rice on the regular. First up is perfectly cooked rice, every time — and you can set it and forget it while it’s cooking. Plus, the Zojirushi fits 5.5 cups of rice, ideal for families or for prepping ahead in a big batch.

And, like those fancy water kettles with different settings for different teas, this rice cooker has programs for different types of rice: brown, sweet, sushi, white — the choice is yours. Finally,the Zojirushi comes with two measuring cups, a non-stick rice spoon and recipes to get you started — plus a truly wild five stars. Pick up our favorite rice cooker for 40% off while it’s still on sale at Amazon.