XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K projector

If you want an extra-large TV but are dreading the fuss of moving and installing such a large piece of hardware, a projector can make a great alternative, assuming it’s bright enough. That’s where the XGIMI Horizon Pro fits in. You can save over $400 with the current discount on Amazon, and you can get XGIMI’s desktop stand for free when you add both to your Amazon cart.

Best Tested

Enjoy a bright 4K picture and plenty of smarts with the exceptional XGIMI Horizon Pro. This powerful projector is seeing an equally powerful discount right now — plus you can score a free desktop stand with your projector purchase.

The XGIMI Horizon Pro is an all-in-one powerhouse. It features an LED projection lamp, which provides not only ample brightness but has better longevity than traditional bulb lamps. The projector isn’t just filling in for a display, as it also has a speaker system and smart TV platform built in. You’ll be able to fire up your favorite streaming service (except Netflix, unfortunately) right from the projector and enjoy content without plugging the XGIMI Horizon Pro into anything other than a power outlet.

This projector also takes a lot of the fuss out of setup. It has built-in smarts that can automatically focus the image, align it with your wall and reframe it to avoid objects in the way, such as picture frames or plants. With many capabilities, decent sound and a stunning picture all in one portable piece of hardware, the XGIMI Horizon Pro makes a truly compelling alternative to a big-screen TV. Get it 25% off right now.