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Walmart Cyber Monday deals 2022: Featured deal

Vitamix 6500 Blender: This powerful blender makes short work of ice, fruit and veggies first thing in the morning —and frozen cocktail ingredients at a holiday party — plus soups and frozen desserts, courtesy of specific preprogrammed settings.

Walmart’s Rollbacks section has unleashed a ton of great sales over the past month during its Black Friday Deals for Days event — and even more on Black Friday itself last week. Now, there’s another round of deals for the last big day of sale shopping: Cyber Monday.

The deals are already live, and there are a ton of them. So we’ve picked out our favorite bargains from the event for you so you can start shopping ASAP before these sales sell out.

Walmart Cyber Monday electronics deals

Get a brilliant picture during your next Netflix binge or serious film night with this super-sleek LG. An incredibly slim screen with narrow bezeling keeps the focus on what’s going on on screen, not the TV itself. Filmmaker Mode and a super-powerful process means colors and contrasts are rendered faithfully to the original picture — and just how the cinematographer imagined.

Rare Deal

This sleek SE is a great way to give Apple Watches a go at a great price: It has all the features you’d likely want to try out, including calling and texting, plus workout tracking and some smart features like fall detection and emergency SOS. It’s swimproof so you can take it into the pool with you, too. 

Stream in style with the sleek latest-model Apple TV, which has an A8 chip for great gameplay, streams in 1080p and has Dolby Digital Plus 7.1 surround sound. It even hooks up to your AirPods if you like a late-night watch while your housemate sleeps.

This set is essentially a starter kit for gamers to get up and running with everything they need already loaded: The Nintendo Switch package comes with a download for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and there’s also a three-month membership included for Nintendo Switch Online.

This deceptively (at first glance) analog-looking watch will take you from your meeting to your after-workout and then see you through to the next morning, courtesy of features like oxygen-level monitoring, sleep tracking, and Advanced Run Coaching. Of course, there’s the the usual texting, calling and music for the rest of your day too. 

These top-rated headphones deliver great sound in-game, whether you’re speaking into the mic or hearing the chatter of other players — and they’ll hold up for marathons on the weekend, thanks to a 30-hour battery life. 

This super-sleek TV is $700 off right now (thanks, Cyber Monday), and not only is the picture amazing thanks to the Cognitive Processor XR that delivers lifelike pictures, but it comes set up with Google TV. If you’re a gamer, it also offers exclusive features tailormade to the console, too. 

You don’t need to shell out a ton of money on a tablet to get a great everyday device, and this Lenovo does it all, with an octa-core processor for your emailing, streaming, gaming and more, as well as engineering to help reduce eye fatigue. 

For less than $100, this TV packs a ton of features for such a low price tag: You can take video calls, thanks to a front-facing camera; there are 32GB of built-in storage for your own media library; and Dolby Atmos delivers great sound from the 40-inch screen.
Samsung’s ergonomic earbuds are made to take your music on the move, and some studio-quality bass happily takes you out of your daily commute and right into the tunes. (Of course, if you want to let in ambient sounds, you can tap the buds to let background noise like flight announcements in.)
You never need a printer until you need a printer, and it’s not a bad idea to have one on hand as a backup. At less than $50 (and if you don’t have an office to surreptitiously print from), it would only take a few trips to the copy shop to balance this purchase out.

Never worry about having too small a screen again with this projector-and-screen combo, the latter of which can unfold to a 100-inch viewing screen. The projector itself is 480p and can hook up to your machine of choice, from TV to Xbox, via HDMI.

If you’re setting up your home for security, this Night Owl bundle contains everything you need to get going. You’ll get a recorder with Bluetooth technology you can hook up to your phone and four 1080p cameras to capture any activity around your home.

With Active Noice Cancellation, these AirPods will block all outside noise, so you can truly focus on the music you — or phone call — at hand. Featuring a customizable fit and up to 24-hours of listening time, you can wear these AirPods all day in comfort.

Google can now do all the work for you with this smart home value pack. With this value pack, you'll receive the hub and a smart light bulb to get you started in the smart home lifestyle.

Walmart Cyber Monday kitchen and appliance deals

This five-star rated coffee pot is just $15 right now, whether you opt for black, light blue, red, or white. Whether you’re serving up 12 cups over a brunch with friends or brewing yourself some iced coffee for the afternoon, it can handle it all with comprehensive features for the price tag.

This powerful blender makes short work of ice, fruit and veggies first thing in the morning —and frozen cocktail ingredients at a holiday party — plus soups and frozen desserts, courtesy of specific preprogrammed settings.

This do-it-all countertop appliance will easily save you $110 on takeout on nights when you don’t have enough energy to cook but could maybe manage to press a button or two. This doesn’t mean just air-frying: It can steam, bake, roast, sous vide and slow cook — and even proof bread and make yogurt.

This upholstery cleaner is perfect for the couch both your kids and the dog love — and it’ll do the carpets and rugs too. Best of all, it’s super lightweight and portable for hauling from rec room to living room to dining room.
Ninja’s clever two-basket fryer lets you reheat chicken wings and get some fries going at the same time, thanks to individual timers and temperature controls. The baskets are easy to clean and the crisper plates themselves are dishwasher-safe, making cleanup just as easy as prep.
This Eufy is ready and waiting for your floors: It’s got 2000 pa suction power, which places it toward the top end of most robot vacs. It’s great on carpet, hard floors and pet fur, and it has both drop-proof and anti-collision tech to keep the hoovering happening smoothly.
Tineco’s portable stick vacuum cleaner gives you up to 40 minutes of continuous cleaning (which is about all we want to do anyway, to be honest). It comes with a dusting brush, crevice tool and wall dock so you can get every inch clean (and keep it all organized).
It took me 10 years to buy a small appliance as an adult, but I haven’t looked back since picking up this set. It comes with a food processor, blender and two on-the-go cups for all your smoothie, soup and hummus adventures.
It’s right about this time of year that we are constantly out of food prep and storage containers, and this five-pack with lids for $11 is exactly the right price point for a restock.
Sort of a cross between a Keurig and a SodaStream, but made for cocktails, this Bartesian machine lets you use capsules and your spirits of choice to create premium cocktails at your desired strength, from mocktail to full-on TGIF.

This vacuum is ready to give your carpets and floors a deep clean with the lightest of effort. Handily, it comes with two batteries, which give you 50 minutes of run time back-to-back (a plus other battery-powered vacuum companies charging top dollar could consider). 

Shark’s vacuums are small but mighty, and this $100 model made for pet owners sounds pretty great to us.

Let a robot do the sweeping with this on-sale Shark vac, which cleans row by row in your home for no missed spots. It even empties itself at the end of a long day around the house; you just have to empty it roughly once a month.

Never vacuum again with the iRobot Roomba i1+. This vacuum will keep your home incredibly clean, while also emptying on its own for up to 60 days.

With a slim design, steering the Dyson is incredibly easy — especially in difficult spaces. And with its self-adjustment feature, you can easily vacuum hardwood, title and carpet — and go back and forth between these floor types — with ease.

Walmart Cyber Monday home and decor deals

Cozy up this winter in this restful blue bedding from Serta, which is made to be super soft to the touch. If the blue isn’t your color, there are other colorblocking options in a stylish terracotta or a tween-ready purple too.

Don’t let the cold stop you from enjoying time in the great outdoors this cold season: This Coleman inflatable hot tub holds up to four people, is 40% more energy efficient than other inflatable hot tubs and has 120 jets for a ton of bubble action (plus drink holders). 

Bath towels for $6? Yes, please. This is the time to grab an extra couple towels for holiday guests, or round off your own stash. Choose from navy blue, dark gray or spa white. 

We’re always here for a candle sale, especially when they’re $6. Choose from eight different scents for different rooms in the house or to keep on hand for hosting gifts this season.
'Tis the season for houseguests, and if you’re short on an extra bedroom but have a bit of floor space, this mattress will let your visitors sleep soundly (and have a bit more room than the sofa).

Make sure you are breathing clean air in your home with this Dyson purifier. With its advanced filtration system, it'll remove gases and odors. The perfect addition to any room, especially for those with allergies.

Walmart Cyber Monday health and beauty deals

This at-home rowing machine offers 32 resistance levels and a screen so you can tune into on-demand workouts (and you’ll get a free trial of that feature with this purchase, too). 

Hate flossing your teeth? This Waterpik can make getting the gunk out between your teeth way more pleasant. It sits on your counter and uses water pressure to blast out food and bacteria between your teeth and around your gumline.

Get a run in, even on cold winter days and in small quarters, with this foldable treadmill, which can scoot under the bed when you don’t need it. You can also use it as a walking pad for getting your steps in while you work, too. 

With a shade for every occasion, this 10-piece set of OPI nail color has you and your nails covered for anything the holiday season brings your way — whether you’re going with super-light pinks and on-trend white or winter’s dark berry tones.

Whether you keep this under your desk to walk on as you WFH or unfold it for a run first thing in the morning, this treadmill makes it easy to keep moving at home. Right now it’s $300 off, or more than half price — making it the perfect time to pick one up. 

Pumpkin season isn’t just for your stomach: Your face can benefit too. Right now, this great mask by Peter Thomas Roth — rated a very complimentary 4.8 stars — uses the gourd’s enzymes and some AHA to exfoliate that dry, flaky skin winter brings with it.

The holidays are known for being a stressful time of year, but this Renpho is here to massage and knead it away with some percussive action — now half price.

With a blend of lavender, pear and bergamot, you'll thoroughly enjoy this luxurious scent.

Wondering more about your genetic makeup? Just swab yourself at home and within 6-8 weeks, you'll be on your way to learning more about your ethnicity. You'll also be able to uncover more than 35 of your most interesting traits.

Walmart Cyber Monday toy deals

'Tis the season for board games, and you can currently pick up a classic for half price — now all that’s left is getting friends over for a game night. 

Kids can scoot around town (or just the cul-de-sac) with this scooter inspire by zippy European models across the pond. The electric charge gets up to 40 minutes of run time and can carry kids around at speeds up to 15 miles an hour.

Little ones can dress up like their favorite Disney princess with this twofer set, which includes a doll and kid-size outfit in the style of Tiana, Moana, Ariel, Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel or Belle.
This three-pack of action figures features a trio of Marvel’s greatest heroes — Black Panther, Thor and Iron Man — meaning there’s endless adventures that could take place with this multiverse-in-a-box.

Get your little one’s passion for food trucks started early with this set featuring Bluey and some of his favorite friends. The setup comes with the character’s juice truck that’s ready for market, with details like a window that opens, aprons and more.

Play-Doh is a great way to keep little hands busy sans screen, and this set packs a lot of fun into a box, including 19 cans with six different textures (crackly, slipper and puffy, among others) and 50 mix-in bits to add.

Razor scooters are having a major moment again, and this electric model (which picks up to 15 miles per hour) is on sale for $299 right now. It folds for easy toting up and down subway stairs and train carriages too.

There's truly no better gift for kids than LEGO's. With this set, you can build 15 different creations — let your imagination run wind.

LOL dolls are a big hit with the little ones. And with the surprise aspect, you never know what will be in each ball. With this limited edition package, you'll receive two dolls, one pet, one little sister and 60 different accessories to dress up your LOL doll.

Walmart Cyber Monday clothing deals

Editor Favorite

No matter how you wear them, you can’t beat Crocs for all-day comfort. Snatch them up in a ton of colors while they’re half-price. 

The ultimate dad jean is on mega-discount for this Rollback, with a week’s worth of washes on sale right now from light and casual to dark and holiday-party ready. 

This stylish puffer jacket hits below the bum for max warmth on cold car seats and park benches, and it comes in four colors, including an on-trend olive green and a steely navy blue. 

This two-pack of sports bras has a shade to go under any T-shirt in your drawer, and two for $10 is a fantastic deal if you need a couple to throw in your rotation. Choose from a red-and-gray or black-and-sand bundle.

These classic Bearpaws have an above-the-ankle fit for warmth without retraction, and a cute bow at the side adds a little cheer to winter’s uniform of leggings and sweaters.

This Mickey-spangled set of festive PJs is the perfect gift for any Disney-loving toddler — or there’s a Bluey version, "Frozen" set and a ton of other favorite characters available.

This wrap-style bag adds a little design interest to an otherwise classic black-and-gold-chain purse, and three pockets inside keep at-hand essentials naturally within reach.