truff sale lead

Truffles are absolutely full of umami, which is what makes them so crave-worthy and delicious. Even if you can’t get the real thing, you can pick up one of Truff’s incredible truffle-based products and pretend it’s truffle season in Umbria with a little dash of this or sprinkle of that. Right now many of the brand’s mouthwatering condiments are on sale for 25% with code MOTHERSDAY — so it’s the perfect time to make sure your pantry is equipped.

We’ve picked out some of our on-sale favorites for you — check them out and shop them below, and then head to Truff’s site to see what else you’re going to want to add to your kitchen repertoire.

Pasta and truffle make for a heavenly combination, and this ready-to-eat black truffle arrabbiata pasta sauce packs a little extra kick, too. Save this two-pack of jars for a comfort meal or special date night in with a good bottle of barolo.

The classic choice for truffles, truffle oil is incredibly versatile as a finishing oil, and this one is infused with top-quality black truffle for optimum results (we tried it; we love it). Use it in a drizzle over pizza, with potatoes or even on popcorn.

My boyfriend’s Tuscan parents always have a jar of truffle mayo in their kitchen, and I often catch said boyfriend eating it out of said jar with a spoon. If you’re a truffle fan, the mayo version is super-addictive, per our reviewer, whether it’s on your burgers or, uh, eaten on its own.

This spicy condiment has almost 500 5-star reviews, and it’ll take your wings and noodle dishes up to the next level of fiery umami goodness.

Can’t decide? Can’t blame you. Snatch this gift set up instead. It has the best-selling hot sauces all in one bundle, just in time for barbecue season.