cargen gap filler

If your appliances don’t fit quite precisely between the built-in kitchen countertops, you’re likely familiar with the hard-to-clean gap that crumbs (and much more) disappear into. The solution is simpler than you might’ve thought: This clever rubber filler sits between the gaps of counters and stoves or other appliances, and right now it’s on sale for $5 instead of $7 over at Amazon.

This on-sale gap filler (currently black is the only option down to $5) is a brilliant idea for stopping crumbs, splashes and other kitchen mishaps from falling down a hard-to-clean void. On a personal note, last week a repairman moving my broken washer revealed, to my chagrin, a small café’s worth of silverware that had fallen between the counter and appliance. Needless to say, this now $5 strip would probably have helped me retain some dignity.

Prevent crumbs from dropping in hard-to-reach places with this clever rubber strip, now just $5 at Amazon.