Solo Stove

Summer has wrapped up, which means that the temps are dropping and the air is getting crisper by the day. The best way to get cozy? Around a bonfire, of course. But you don’t have to travel into nature to get one going. Solo Stove’s portable fire pits are designed to be super portable and — conveniently — smokeless. Now through Nov. 3, the brand is hosting a sale, meaning you can save 25% on the upgraded Fire Pit 2.0s, up to 50% off the legacy 1.0 collection and essential bundles and, starting Sept. 30, $200 on the Pi pizza oven. Plus, the brand-new tabletop fire pit, the Mesa, is on sale for one of the first times ever.

Shop some of our favorites from the sale and then shop everything over at Solo Stove so you’re all set with the perfect smokeless, at-home bonfire for fall campouts, bonfires, entertaining and, heck, even casual weeknights.

Bonfire 2.0

$399.99 $239.99 at Solo Stove

Bonfire Fire Pit 2.0

The original Bonfire has gotten an upgrade and now comes with a removable base plate and ash pan that make cleanup way, way easier. The rest of it? Just as easy to set up and get going as the original.

Yukon Essential Bundle 2.0

$1,009.99 $619.99 at Solo Stove

Yukon Ultimate Bundle 2.0

Everything you need for impressively sized autumnal backyard bonfires is right here in this Yukon bundle, which includes the fire pit, removable base plate and ash pan, stand and lid. For more, check out our review.

Bonfire Heat Deflector

$224.99 $174.99 at Solo Stove

Bonfire Heat Deflector

This warmth-magnifying apparatus makes the bonfire a cozy place for even more people to gather around when the temps really start to drop.

Pi Pizza Oven

$624.99 $424.99 at Solo Stove

Pi Pizza Oven

Available in wood or wood and propane models, this pizza oven is super simple to use, making it the next best thing to having a private pizzeria attached to the kitchen (and way less noisy). It’s dropping $200 off the list price on Sept. 30.

Ranger 2.0

$299.99 $199.99 at Solo Stove

Ranger 2.0

This small Solo Stove still packs a mighty punch, making it perfect for small patios and impromptu picnics (the included removable ash pan and carry case make it even better).