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Sometimes the car’s built-in cup holders aren’t big enough for our hydration (or caffeination) needs — and for that, we love this Smart Kup Car Cup Holder Expander. It’s pretty simple, and right now it’s on sale at Amazon. That means you can take your favorite 32-ounce and 40-ounce drinks with you safely, not balanced between your thighs or this close to spilling in the front seat.

To use, just slip the molded piece of plastic into your existing cup holder. The expander has a 2.6-inch bottom diameter that expands to 3.8 inches at the top, so it’s functional in any vehicle. Both the black and the mint (really turquoise) colorways are matching the lowest price we’ve seen in six months.

Many of your more challenging containers will fit in here: The Smart Kup fits 32- and 40-ounce Hydro Flasks, 36-ounce Yeti Ramblers and 32-ounce wide-mouth Nalgenes, to name just a few. (It’s even got a cutout for mug handles.) Ready to expand your cup holder’s horizons? Head to Amazon before the deal runs out to stock up on these handy car gadgets.

You can safely enjoy your beverages during your commute, thanks to this handy tool. Get it 36% off right now, the lowest price we’ve seen in six months.