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Lighting plays a big part in setting the ambiance of a room, and LED light strips prove an easy way to get more control over the vibes. They’re easy to install; they’re hidden away, thanks to their low-profile nature; and RGB models can provide a wide range of colors to let you have more control over the feel of a room.

One of our favorite models for installing on the back of a TV, the Sengled Smart Wi-Fi LED TV Light Strip, had already impressed us at full price, but a best-ever discount has it going for almost 75% off at Amazon.

Lowest Price

Get a set of colorful light strip segments you can easily set up on the back of a TV and integrate into your smart home.

Sengled’s smart LED light strips are made to amp up your experience when watching TV or movies. The kit includes several strip segments — two 40-inch, two 20-inch lengths and four 10-inch segments — as well as connecting wires that make it easy to arrange the strips at an angle to one another. With the strips arranged on the back of a TV, they’ll shine onto the wall behind, and you can have them react to audio from the TV to add a new dimension to the experience.

While we found Sengled’s smart light strips ideal for placement behind a TV in our hands-on testing, you can set them up to suit your needs. Wherever you put them, you’ll be able to control them through Sengled’s app, or you can connect them to your home Wi-Fi and smart home to control them with your voice using Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. They can even integrate into a SmartThings setup.

With such an easy installation and solid smarts, Sengled’s light strip was a good value at its normal price, but it’s that much better with most of the price erased.