Dyson Airwrap lead

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve probably heard about the Dyson Airwrap, the multifunctional hair tool that’s swept the Internet in the past few years. The Airwrap promises a salon-worthy blowout without extreme heat — and it delivers on the hype. Typically, the only downside to the innovative Airwrap is its price tag, but right now you can save $200 on a refurbished model at eBay.

The latest iteration of this multifunctional tool is engineered to dry and style your hair simultaneously, and comes with a plethora of attachments engineered for different hair types and styles. The results speak for themselves, and in our head-to-head reviews, the Airwrap outperformed its competition. Not sure about buying refurbished? Shop with confidence, thanks to a two-year warranty and free returns — not to mention that the styler is sold directly by Dyson and tested to function like new.

If you’ve been waiting to invest in the Airwrap, now’s the time, since discounts like this are few and far between.

Lowest Price

Splurge on the cult-favorite hair tool, complete with all the attachments you need for red carpet-worthy looks. It's $200 off in like-new condition, sold direct from Dyson at eBay.