Pluto Pillow

Along with a solid mattress and consistent bedtime routine, pillows are one of the most critical components of a good sleep. If you’re ready to upgrade or replace your pillows right now and reach your full sleep potential, with our exclusive code you can save $25 on Pluto pillows — the brand that just earned our top spot for the best pillow.

CNN Exclusive Deal

Fussy sleepers, your best nights are ahead — use code CNNPLUTO25 for $25 off. Each bespoke Pluto pillow is crafted to your preferences and stats: From foam to fill to fabric, it’s all customizable to provide ultimate comfort.

If you’re not quite sure what kind of support you need, trying a bunch of pillows to find out what works can get pretty pricey. The solution, of course, is a totally customizable pillow — and in 2023, that exists, thanks to Pluto. Head to the website to build your own pillow, so to speak: You can choose everything from foam to fiber fill to the fabric it’s covered with (all the better to suit your body type and sleep habits).

You’ll have 125 nights to test your Pluto Pillow — and if you’re anything like our reviewers, you’ll find that the Pluto is really that much better. Once you get to checkout, don’t forget to enter the code CNNPLUTO25 for $25 off — and get on your way to more solid sleep. Head to Pluto Pillows to make your purchase before our promo ends May 16.