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Sometimes we treat our pets better than we do ourselves, but if you want to get in the pampered lifestyle of a pup, look no further than Plufl, which bills itself as the first “human dog bed.” Right now, CNN Underscored readers can take $25 off their own person-sized, massive dog bed with the exclusive code CNN25 for the ultimate in coziness through May 11.

CNN Exclusive Deal

CNN Underscored readers can snag an extra $25 off Plufl's human-sized dog bed when they use the code CNN25 at checkout, now through May 11.

Our intrepid writer, after extensively resting in her Plufl, described the experience as an extremely comfortable one. In particular, she noted the clever design that isn’t just flat-ish like a beanbag but features “360-degree [14-inch] plush pillow bolsters that provide an unprecedented level of comfort and support.” Inside is a “gel-infused cooling topper,” which really kicks the foam balls in your standard-issue dog bed up a notch. It’s also made from vegan fur that’s super cozy to burrow down into.

Our reviewer also noted that it is appreciated by both humans and pets, so don’t think your human dog bed is safe from actual dogs or cats, who also enjoy a cuddle in the Plufl (with or without their human companions).

And when you’re not using it? Fold the Plufl in half for easy storage.

If you were ever going to spring for the Plufl, this exclusive sale is the perfect excuse to add one to your household.