Philips SmartSleep Wake-Up Light Therapy Lamp

A blaring alarm isn’t the best way to start your morning, but thanks to the new generation of wake-up tech, there’s a more gentle alternative for waking up. This Philips SmartSleep light is $50 off at Amazon right now and features a gradual illumination so you’re gently awoken at the time of your choosing.

Editor Favorite

Thanks to its immersive sunrise, customizable alarms and useful relaxation exercises, this light makes a perfect bedside companion. Get it for $50 off right now.

After testing over a dozen alarm clocks, we found this Philips SmartSleep to be an outstanding choice. Despite outshining much of the competition, we didn’t select it as one of our picks — mostly due to its lofty price. Right now, however, the clock is matching the lowest price we’ve seen in years, making it a great nightstand upgrade that won’t totally break the bank.

This orb-like nightstand lamp lets you program customizable sleep and wake routines in which the lamp mimics the natural cycle of the sun. You can also program soundscapes if you’d like some auditory help, and even prepare for rest with a breathing program that’s light-guided.

Shop the lamp at Amazon now for 28% off, or a cool $50, while the deal is still on.