omsom shaker set iykyk

Omsom first hit the food scene with its famous “starters,” aka ready-to-use pouches that serve as the base flavor for a particular Asian dish. Our tester raved about Omsom’s sauces, so it’s no surprise we felt equally enthused by the brand’s newer “IYKYK” Shaker Set.

Omsom’s limited-edition set offers three refillable wooden shakers for sprinkling some umami goodness onto your meals. Use code CNN20 for 20% off this delicious trio.

This set of seasonings includes salt, pepper and MSG, reclaiming the unfairly maligned ingredient and embracing the punch of plant-based umami that MSG offers. The refillable wooden shakers are a gorgeous, eye-catching addition to any kitchen table and a great way to add some extra zing to your meals no matter the cuisine for bold, flavorful meals in no time. Personally, I’ve sprinkled MSG on everything from mac ’n’ cheese to stew to tofu stir-fries, and it’s added a noticeable extra oomph to all my cooking.

Whether you’re planning a romantic home-cooked meal for Valentine’s Day or just looking to embrace full flavor on an everyday basis, be sure to take advantage of this exclusive offer and use code CNN20 to save 20% on the set at checkout. Order standard shipping by Feb. 6 or expedited shipping by Feb. 7 for guaranteed delivery by Feb. 14.