A nextbase 322 camera mounted on a car windshield, with the screen displaying setup menu information

Whether you just want to capture what you see along your journeys or want the added security of having backup footage of your drives in the event of an accident, a dash cam is what you’re after. In our testing, the Nextbase 322GW proved the best option, and a discount on Amazon brings it down by just under $100.

Best Tested

This easy-to-use dash cam not only has you covered with a sharp picture of what’s ahead but also captures footage behind your car. Get it for 33% off right now.

The Nextbase 322GW packs in the features and doesn’t come with a bloated price tag, part of what helped it reach the top of our rankings. Getting it up and running is easy, and using it is a breeze, thanks to its convenient touchscreen controls. The camera has a magnetic mount, letting you detach and reattach it in a snap. It also pairs with a smartphone app for extra control, features and automatic syncing of video files.

The Nextbase 322GW captures 1080p video with a wide, 140-degree field of view, helping ensure more is in the picture. It also supports GPS, so you can attach coordinates and driving speed to your footage — useful details in the event of an accident. To top it off, this dash cam includes a 720p rear cam to complement the front camera and give you a more complete picture of everything going on along your drive.