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Moon Pod’s zero-gravity beanbags are even more comfortable than the ones of yesteryear — and they have a grown-up look, quality fill and versatility for any space. Stocking up on dorm decor and other back-to-school essentials this month? Those headed off to campus this fall probably know that university-issued furniture isn’t exactly beloved by students. Enter Moon Pod. Perfect for studying, lounging with friends or even napping between lectures, they’re a great addition to any dorm room. Best of all, with an exclusive code for Underscored readers, Moon Pod bean bags are almost 30% off. Simply use code CNNBTS for an additional 5% off the site’s sale.

The company says that the bags help reduce stress, and our reviewer went so far as to say that they reminded her of flotation pods. Whether you’re prepping for campus life or just craving a cloud-like place to rest after a long day, make sure to check these bean bags out.

Filled with high-density beads, the Moon Pod keeps its shape for years — it doesn’t squish out like the beanbags we grew up with. Plus, the original Moon Pod is more lightweight than normal beanbags, so you can easily plop it in different spots.

Whether you're furnishing a dorm, basement den or anywhere else, now is a great time to save on a Moon Pod bean bag chair. Simply use code CNNBTS for an additional 5% off the site’s 25% off sale.