Kindle Paperwhite Kids

The Kindle Paperwhite Kids takes the readability and portability of the Kindle and makes it super child-friendly. The e-reader also just so happens to be at an all-time low price on Amazon.

It’s now ringing up at $105, a chunk of change ($55, to be exact) lower than its usual price of $160. We’re talking about the 8GB version here, which has enough storage for favorite books and reads-in-progress while allowing for new books to cycle in and out of the rotation. The 300 ppi glare-free screen is easy to read on in a variety of lighting conditions, and the device offers a whopping 10 weeks of battery life between charges.

Lowest Price

Waterproof and easy to use, this e-reader includes a sleep cover and one year of Amazon Kids+ for free. Our top pick for kids is at its lowest price ever right now.

With all these features, the Paperwhite Kids more than merited our pick for best e-reader for kids. Plus, this version of the tablet differs from the grown-up version in an important way: It comes with a one-year subscription to Amazon Kids, which has thousands of ad-free bestsellers you can download right to the tablet (as well as games, videos, apps and Alexa skills).

Pick up the Kindle Paperwhite Kids while it’s at its all-time low price over at Amazon.