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It’s way easier to stay hydrated when you enjoy what you’re drinking, and for a lot of people that’s cold, cold water, or conversely, a nice cup of herbal tea. Hydro Flask’s water bottles and tumblers are just the thing for this — they keep beverages ultra cold or piping hot for a long, long time — and there are a ton on sale right now on the brand’s website. Shop the brand’s Black Friday deals, and keep your thirst quenched for less.

A classic Hydro Flask pick, this water bottle keeps five 8-ounce rounds of water chilled just the way you like it. 

Keep your coffee warm for the morning and more with this 24-ounce mug, now 25% off. 

The perfect gift for your favorite rosé buddy, this Hydro Flask holds a whole bottle of wine for on-the-go chilling and transport (just be careful if it’s fizz…). 

Ready for toting your farmers market hauls home or for bringing a few additions to a friend’s barbecue, this insulated tote keeps contents cold for up to four hours.