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If you’ve always dreamt of a sauna lifestyle but don’t happen to have the space for one in your apartment, HigherDose’s at-home sauna products are here to get you hot and sweaty in a pleasant, glowy way. Right now, you can take 20% off the brand’s lineup of wellness items, including the Underscored editor-approved sauna blankets and red light masks.

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Here are two of our favorite HigherDose picks to get you started. Shop these and the rest of HigherDose’s wellness offerings (excluding full size saunas, bundles and subscriptions) — with our code now through May 11.

Editor Favorite

Better than building your own sauna at home, this blanket lets you slip into one from the comfort of your own home. It’s the brand’s flagship product, with more than 2,000 happy customers chiming in to the reviews. 

It might not zap your zits, but this red light face mask uses low-level wavelengths to mimic all the good natural sunlight does for your skin minus the UV. The brand promises glowing skin and a boosted mood — the perfect at-home launchpad into sunnier spring weather and radiant skin.