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Gamers can end up spending a lot of time in their chair, making comfort just about as critical as the hardware they’re gaming on. There are a lot of great gaming chairs out there, but the Herman Miller Embody stands (uh, sits?) above the pack — which unfortunately means it’s priced above the pack, too. A discount going on right now is making it a lot more affordable though, with an instant 20% off and an extra 5% off with code EXTRA5 cutting more than $400 off the price tag.

Best Tested

Enjoy a luxurious seat with ample adjustability to dial in your comfort. Save a total of 25% off using code EXTRA5 at checkout.

Right from the jump, the Herman Miller Embody delivers extra value. While many gaming chairs require some tedious setup that can be hard to do alone, the Embody ships fully assembled. And it should stay fully assembled for the long run, as Herman Miller backs this chair with a 12-year warranty.

Hopping onto the chair, the Embody feels like sitting on a cloud, in our experience. There’s an exceptional level of adjustability to the seat that lets you tailor it to your body and find a supremely comfortable fit. Even though the Embody lacks a headrest, it can provide such good back support and promote correct posture so well that we don’t find ourselves longing for the headrest of other gaming chairs. The comfort stretches deep into the sweatiest play sessions thanks to copper-infused foam designed to help keep you cool.

It’s truly a remarkable and unique chair, and 25% off really is a staggering discount.