Google Pixel 7

Google Pixels have often earned a spot among our roundups of the best smartphones thanks to their blend of decent hardware and some of the most capable camera systems on the market. Anyone shopping on a budget might be waiting for the more budget-friendly Pixel 7a to come along and inevitably rank among the best budget smartphones, but with a current deal on Amazon, you don’t need to. Thanks to a 25% discount, you can get the standard Pixel 7 for just $449, an incredible value.

Editor Favorite

The Pixel 7 is an excellent smartphone for the price with quality cameras and a great screen. But at this low price, it’s almost unbeatable.

Starting at $599, the Pixel 7 is already a compelling deal at full price, but dropping it down to $449 leaves little room for competition. While a budget phone might offer a large but cheaper IPS panel, the Pixel 7 gets a stunning 6.3-inch AMOLED display with a smooth 90Hz refresh rate. As a high-end phone, the Pixel 7 naturally comes with a quality design of glass and aluminum, and it has strong water and dust resistance — not givens on budget phones.

A big perk of getting a flagship phone for a budget price is that you still get its flagship cameras and processor. The Tensor G2 processor in the Pixel 7 runs the phone quite smoothly and enables some special processing, including the fastest and most accurate voice-to-text dictation I’ve ever come across.

The processing also applies to the cameras, which can compete with any phone you’d get for $600 and will leave little room for even cheaper phones to keep up. If you want a great phone at an even better price, you shouldn’t sleep on this deal.