Gaggia Classic Pro Espresso Machine

One of the reasons many of us shell out the bucks for our daily latte isn’t because we’re bougie or reckless with money, but because we own an espresso machine. Make life a little easier (and cheaper) with this our pick for best espresso machines for beginners, the Gaggia Classic Pro, $50 off at Amazon right now.

Best Tested

The latest update to a 30-year-old design, the Gaggia Classic Pro doesn’t have as many automatic features as some more modern machines, but there’s no better machine for learning barista skills.

This delightfully compact machine is just $401 at the moment, a few dollars shy of the low we saw in February. Sure, the Gaggia Classic Pro lacks some bells and whistles — it doesn’t possess a plethora of automatic options for making your own brew, for example — but if you want to DIY your morning cup, this is a great little machine to do it with.

There’s a commercial steam wand for steaming and frothing milk (or, when you get really into it, creating latte art), plus all the components needed for a cup of coffee shop-worthy brew. Pick up the Gaggia Classic Pro for $50 off while it’s still on sale at Amazon.