Everyone needs to shake up their workouts once in a while, whether it’s because you could use a little extra motivation, you’ve plateaued with your current workout or you just want something different. Enter Future, the workout app that’s basically a personal trainer in your pocket — or on your wrist. Best of all, by using this Underscored exclusive deal available now through May 31, you’ll get 50% off your first month and then 20% off the monthly membership thereafter.

Here’s how it works, per our intrepid reviewer: The app personalizes a health and fitness regimen for your needs and the equipment you have on hand, and yes, you can add in those group classes and pickup basketball games as part of your workouts.

The best part is that the app uses text messaging from a real, live personal trainer to encourage and motivate you on the days when you just don’t feel like working out (we all have those). The trainer also helps you track your progress and can discuss your goals if you want to adjust things.

And instead of paying for a pricey gym, plus the cost of often expensive in-person personal training, the app usually rings up at just $150 per month. Future will also lend you an Apple Watch if you don’t have one so you can track your progress even closer.

Now with this exclusive offer, that $150-per-month price drops to $75 for the first month and $120 after. All the more reason to check it out — and find your motivation again.