Whether you’re gaming, you’re streaming or you just want to sound better in video calls with colleagues, a dedicated microphone can go a long way. The Fifine K669B is an affordable computer mic that provides quality well beyond its $35 price, and right now it’s only $25 with this deal on Amazon.

Best Tested

The Fifine K669B is an exceptional microphone for the price, offering quality and controls that can beat mics costing twice as much — or even three times as much with this new deal price.

The Fifine K669B is a low-cost condenser mic that can wire directly into your computer over USB. With it plugged in, you can get a huge upgrade over the mic quality of many laptops’ built-in microphones and likely most Bluetooth headphones’ internal mics. In our testing, we found the mic captured our voice clearly with a natural sound, and it even beat options like HyperX’s SoloCast and Razer’s Seiren Mini, which both cost more than twice as much as Fifine’s current price.

Despite the low price, the Fifine K669B proves well built with a metal construction and flexible stand. It’s easy to adjust the mic to stand how you like and keep it stable with its included tripod, but you can just as easily remove the tripod and attach the mic to a boom arm. Wherever you set it, controlling it is easy with a dial right on the front — a handy feature many cheap mics fail to include. It’s also fairly portable, letting you get more mileage out of it than bigger, bulkier mics.

This mic was already a deal at full price, and it’s just a steal at $25.