EMart 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light

Whether you’re trying to up your selfie game or look sharp on your video calls, having the best ring light can make a big difference. Right now, our favorite option is on sale with a third off its usual price. Given all that comes in the package beyond the ring light itself, it’s a true steal.

Best Tested

Get a ring light with adjustable color temperature and a handful of accessories for $20, around 33% off its usual price.

EMart’s 10-Inch Selfie Ring Light is both effective for lighting up subjects and incredibly easy to use. The ring is large, allowing the lights inside to illuminate subjects from more angles and better eliminate shadows. Plus, the lights can run at 11 different brightness modes and three different color temperature settings so you can dial in the mood you’re going for.

The kit includes a ton of extras to deliver extra value. There’s a sizable tripod stand for the ring light and whatever photographic tool you’re using. A phone holder and a pole-mount phone holder are included. There’s also a ball head mount that allows a wide range of adjustable angles for a camera mounted to the system. EMart includes a remote control for the light as well as a Bluetooth remote you can pair with your phone to use as a remote shutter. You might pay $20 for just a couple of these accessories, so getting the full bundle for that price is a great deal.