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Whether your demanding work schedule makes it hard for you to find time to exercise or you just don’t have the space to build your own home gym, this top-rated Cubii Total Body+ under-desk elliptical could be a great option for your fitness needs. And right now, it’s 40% off at Woot! for one day only.

The Cubii Total Body+ is a great option for multitaskers who want to workout while they work, and now it's 40% off for one day only at Woot!.

Not only is this bike almost completely silent, so as not to disturb your own work process or that of your (at-home) co-workers, but the Cubii also provides eight levels of resistance via an easy-to-adjust tension dial for a challenging and effective ride. All the while, the mobile app will display your progress, including workout time, distance, rotations per minute and calories burned.

Plus, it comes with built-in, retractable resistance bands, so you can get your arms in on the action when your hands are free. This bike also features a low-profile design, so you won’t need to worry about your knees banging against the underside of your desk.

Just be sure to buy your bike soon, since the Cubii Total Body+ will only be on sale until the end of the day or while supplies last.