Cooler Master SK653 Keyboard

With a full complement of keys, a minimalist frame that doesn’t take up too much room on your desk, easy-to-use software and cross-platform compatibility, the Cooler Master SK653 is a big improvement over low-profile membrane keyboards. Right now, you can score our pick for the best full-size low-profile keyboard for just $100 on Amazon.

Best Tested

This wireless keyboard is sleek enough for everyday use with enough versatility for gaming, too. Get it now for just $100 — about $10 away from the lowest price we've seen, but still a solid discount.

Surprisingly, there aren’t many low-profile 100% keyboards out there that give you a typing experience that’s any better than you’d get from an Apple Magic Keyboard or a Logitech MX. But the Cooler Master SK653 manages to hit all the points we looked for — USB-C connection, cross-platform compatibility, support for multiple Bluetooth hosts and enough programmability to keep most users happy — in a slim package that doesn’t eat up too much of your desk.

In our testing, it was pleasant to type on, quick to connect and switch wireless hosts and easy to set up like we wanted. As you’d expect from a product with a gaming heritage, you get the full programmability of a gaming keyboard in a unit that is sedately styled enough for any office and supports modern wireless/USB-C desktop setups.

Based on past trends, it’s unlikely this deal will last long, so be sure to purchase now if you’ve had your eye on a keyboard upgrade.