Bug Bite Thing

Spring is (finally) here, which means more outdoor adventures. But the rising temperatures doesn’t just make people crave a bit of nature; it also means bugs and insects are out in full force. If mosquitoes, bees and other creepy-crawlies that come out in the summer often leave you at the wrong end of a bite or sting, consider trying the Bug Bite Thing, on sale now at Amazon.

Created by a mom who wanted to find a better remedy for bug bites for her daughter, the Bug Bite Thing uses suction to extract the saliva or venom from a bug bite, instantly relieving any itching and swelling. It went viral after being featured on “Shark Tank,” and after trying it out, our editor thinks it’s worthy of the hype.

Right now, our readers can score an exclusive 32% off a three-pack of the Bug Bite Thing at Amazon.

CNN Exclusive Deal

When we tested this viral product, we were impressed by the instant relief it offered. If you tend to be a mosquito target, don’t miss this deal: Now through April 16, our readers can snag a multicolored or white three-pack for a 32% discount.