Brightland's garlic-infused Rosette olive oil

Brightland olive oil — infused or plain, for cooking or drizzling — has been a popular addition to the pantries and countertops of home cooks since the brand launched with its presses of California olives. Since then, the brand has expanded with a line of honey and vinegar to accompany its marquee olive oils. Now, you can shop a quintet of bestselling oils from last year’s harvest for a solid half-off discount, thanks to the buy-one-get-one-free Harvest sale happening now.

Read on below for our favorite picks from the Brightland Harvest Sale, then get shopping for tasty meals — and gorgeous countertop accessorizing — ahead.

This grassy Alive press is made for accompanying: think hummus, salads and delicious fresh bread. Expect some smoothness too — the bite of fresh grass is mellowed out with hints of banana peel and almond for a rounded taste.

Fire up your pasta arrabiata with this chili-infused olive oil, which packs a punch of fresh heat with a well-balanced infusion that still lets the olive oil shine. 

Ideal for pastas, this basil-infused olive oil adds a bright burst of flavor to your aperitivo crostini, roast chicken and salads too.

Garlic-lovers will want to get in on this pair: this olive oil is infused with garlic for an oil that’s perfect drizzled over pasta, with mashed potatoes or over roasted veg. 

Rosemary olive oil? Yes please. These olives are pressed within 90 minutes of harvesting to extract every ounce of flavor before infusing the batch with rosemary. Use it in white bean dip or drizzle it over a just-off-the-grill steak.