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Black Friday is a great time to try and snag deals on the products you already know you love. And here at Underscored, we know what our readers are loving from Amazon every single month, most of which end up being some of the most useful and practical items imaginable.

From alarm clocks to travel must-haves, check out the products our readers can’t get enough of that are on sale now on Amazon. If you want even more deals, check out our deals guide for Black Friday.

Black Friday home goods deals

Black Friday Deal

Ditch the tin foil for these nonstick silicone baking mats, which are safe for the oven, dishwasher and freezer.

We love using biodegradable Swedish dishcloths for everything from scrubbing dishes to wiping up spills. Grab them whenever you'd reach for a paper towel and then simply run them through the wash when you're done.

Whip up breakfast for the whole family with Dash's bestselling gadget, which will boil, steam or poach up to six eggs at once.

Dryer balls create better airflow to cut down on drying time, reduce static cling and keep wrinkles at bay. These from Whitmor also feature soft spikes to gently fluff and soften fabric. (Check out more must-have laundry products under $20 here.)

These soft, moisture-wicking sheets are made from an ultra-fine microfiber blend that's ideal for hot sleepers.

Best Tested

Jall’s alarm clock boasts more than 33,000 5-star ratings and also earned the top spot in our extensive alarm clock testing. That’s because it has everything a great alarm clock should: reliable sound, easy setup and a sleek design that’ll look good on your nightstand.

Black Friday Deal

Keep your car or desk crumb-free with this reusable gel, designed to collect debris from cup holders, keyboards, TV remotes and any other cranny-filled space.

Best Tested

You can’t beat Black+Decker’s Dustbuster for quick cleanups. Our tester deemed it the easiest handheld vacuum to use, charge and empty, and also praised the Dustbuster’s large-capacity canister and versatile built-in attachments.

Black Friday Deal

Declutter your closet or garage with Holikme’s wall-mounted organizer, featuring four spring-loaded slots for mops, brooms and rakes. The hanger can support up to 40 pounds and also includes hooks for brushes, cleaning cloths and so on. (Want more ways to bring some order to your home? We’ve got you.)

Deep-clean tiles, countertops and more with these nylon brush heads, which attach directly to your favorite cordless drill for an intense burst of scrubbing power. Don't worry about scratches; the nylon bristles are safe for the vast majority of kitchen and bathroom surfaces, including porcelain and fiberglass.

Best Tested

Stay on top of cold and flu season with iHealth's digital thermometer. iHealth's thermometers proved simple to use and provided consistent temperature readings in our in-house testing.

Black Friday electronics deals

Anker makes some of the best portable chargers around. The 313 (aka PowerCore Slim 10,000) is supremely lightweight yet packs a punch, with enough power to charge most iPhones twice.

Apple's tiny AirTags make it easy to find your keys, wallet and even checked luggage.

Apple’s power adaptor is a must-have for charging your new iPhone fast. It took just 90 minutes to boost an iPhone 13 to 99% power in our testing.

Black Friday Deal

With three USB-A ports and AC outlets in a single, compact cube, Anker's power "strip" is perfect for keeping all your devices charged on the go (or simply decluttering your desk).

Black Friday beauty and health deals

Editor Favorite

Swap your grimy loofah for Goshi's bestselling shower towel, which features a contrasting weave that gently exfoliates skin while you lather up

Best Tested

Mavogel's cotton mask is lightweight, comfortable and easily our choice for the best sleep mask of 2022.

Hydroxyapatite is a dentist-approved fluoride alternative that helps remineralize teeth and strengthen enamel. It's the star ingredient of Davids toothpaste, which also comes with a convenient metal tube key to help you squeeze out every drop of product.

This set promises a fuller pout in two steps. Use the moisturizing mask overnight to soothe and hydrate your lips, then top them with the tingly, ginger-infused gloss the next day.

Readers continue to love this convenient mini razor, which comes with its own case and is ideally sized for any kind of travel.

Bug Bite Thing works by sucking the venom out of insect bites, stopping itchiness in its tracks. It sounds too good to be true, but it provided some much-needed relief from mosquito season in our testing.

Black Friday travel deals

Black Friday Deal

This adjustable mount attaches directly to your tray table, allowing you to watch all your downloads without having to hold your phone for hours. You can also clamp it to car seats or shopping carts to keep the kids entertained while out and about. See more of our favorite in-flight products here.

Black Friday Deal

This top-rated passport holder comes in 30 colors and features a clear slot to keep your vaccine card safe.

Best Tested

Our favorite travel pillow balances squishy comfort with firm support and promises to make your next red-eye much more bearable.

Perfect for hikes, travel and go bags, LifeStraw's lightweight filter protects against 99.9% of bacteria, parasites and microplastics.

Black Friday pet deals

Black Friday Deal

Make sure your pup always has water on hot days with this dual bottle/dish, which ingeniously recollects whatever your dog doesn't immediately lap up. (Check out more of our favorite pet products here.)

Give your indoor cat some outdoor play with this interactive butterfly toy. Made to constant spin and rotate 360 degrees, this toy gives your feline friend something chase and play with when you're not around.

This soft and loveable plush toy is perfect for smaller dogs who need a playtime and cuddle-time companion.