Apple’s AirPods Max made quite a splash when they hit the headphones scene at the end of 2020. And while we acknowledged that the luxury they deliver comes at quite a high price in our full review, they’re back down to their best price at Amazon. The AirPods Max are down to $450 in every color — that’s $100 off their usual price, and matching the lowest price we’ve seen this year. If that’s enough of a deal to convince you to buy, be sure to act fast; this sale isn’t likely to last.

A seamless addition to your Apple ecosystem, the AirPods Max deliver a premium listening experience with top-notch features like noise cancellation and transparency.

If you have a big love for Apple, it’s worthwhile to consider this luxury purchase. The AirPods Max boast satisfying sound that hits the right notes, top-notch noise cancellation, best-in-class transparency and a killer home entertainment audio mode.

The whole noise-canceling experience is powered by the passive seal of the ear cups, the active use of nine microphones and two Apple H1 processors inside that work together to block out the noise. The real star is transparency mode, which essentially brings in the world around you in a very natural way. There’s no extra processing or graininess being introduced. You can clearly make out speech, either prerecorded or from actual humans, a dog barking or a knock on the door.

The sensors on the AirPods Max also allow for an easy transition from wearing to having them off. As soon as you lift an ear cup or take the headphones off, playback is paused and you’re back in the real world. You can also get a seamless transition between all your Apple devices. And placing them back on reconnects to the device you’re using and it can resume playback. It’s the AirPods experience you’d expect with some premium additions, all at a solid discount right now.