We love an Anthropologie sale, especially when it includes one of the brand’s most covetable items, on sale for only the third time ever. Right now during the Spring Decorating Event, you can save 40% on the retailer’s line of vintage-inspired Gleaming Primrose mirrors. The looking glasses are big enough to make a statement, whether you’re hanging them above your dresser or leaning them up against a wall to make your space look a little bigger.

With sizes ranging from 3 feet to 7 feet in height, plus round mirrors, vanities and triptychs, the mirrors add a little dimension to your space, provide a focal point or just give your space some lofty Parisian vibes. The larger models rest on the floor for an effortless Bohemian look, so there’s truly something for every space.

Lowest Price

Top rated and ultra chic, the Primrose mirror collection adds a touch of sophistication and glam to your home, no matter what size you choose.

Each comes in shades of gold, white, antique black, silver or an antique-looking verdigris, so you can choose whatever finish suits the mood of your space. Shop them all right now before the sale ends at Anthropologie.