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The massive annual Amazon Pet Day sale has officially kicked off, just in time for spring afternoons in the park and going for a W-A-L-K in the woods at the weekend. You’ll be able to score big discounts on items like Furbo dog cameras, Fancy Feast and Friskies, essentials like carriers and pee pads and, iconically, a line of Dolly Parton pet items.

We’ve rounded up 15 of our favorite deals from Amazon’s Pet Day sales — read on for our picks below and then head to Amazon to see the full selection of on-sale treats for your much-loved doggo, cat or other pet.

Food and treats

For some discerning cats, cat food alone is no longer enough — a higher standard must be met. For that, there is now this shredded chicken in a “dreamy” sauce to put atop the lowly kibbles or wet food. 

This top-rated senior dog food is formulated to keep your older pet’s day-to-day comfortable and mobile. This blend’s ingredients are calibrated to support the essential functions of their bonne vie, like energy, brain function and a healthy immune system.

This pack of six treat pouches supplies you with treats for Fluffy for a long time. TBD on whether they actually make her “playful” or she continues to watch you silently from atop the sofa.

Pet health

These dental sticks help your dog’s digestion, thanks to a dose of probiotics, plus they target plaque and tartar to maintain their toothy smile. 

Dogs can be prone to itchy, uncomfortable ears, and this cleaner helps irritated ones — just wash them out twice a day with this formula to unblock and de-itch your pet’s ears. 

This dose of anti-flea, anti-tick meds will help keep Princess itch-free and happy. 

This multivitamin for your dog is an easy (and delicious) chew for your dog that helps supplement their health with vitamins, omega-3s, glucosamine, probiotics and more. 

Hot days are coming up, and relief for warm (or dry) paws is here with help from this glide-on balm.

Perfect for grooming between trips to the pet salon, dry shampoo for dogs is here, and a solid 4-plus rating indicates customers (and pets) are here for it. 

Home and tech

Editor Favorite

This pet hair remover gets fur off sofas, car seats and yourself — making it an essential for any owner of a shedder. Use code 20PETDAY23 for an additional $5 off the deal price.

It’s gotta be picked up, so you might as well make it more pleasant with these lavender-scented poop bags (and support a B Corp while you’re at it).

Keep litter from tracking around or, more annoyingly, out of the bathroom with this litter box mat, which helps to contain litter when it spills. 

Amuse your dog and yourself with this treat-dispensing dog camera. It syncs up to your phone to send you video of what your pup’s up to when you’re not at home (day or night), and you can dispense a treat to them from afar with just a tap on the app

You love your pets, but your bod doesn’t love their hair and dander. Hoover them up from the air with this powerful Shark Clean Sense Air Purifier, which comes with an extra pet filter bundle to help capture 99.98% of particles (and pet smells) from the air. 

Dogs and cats provide many things to us, like love, but generating aromatic, fragrant smells is not one of their skill sets. This Angry Orange odor eliminator helps to clean and deodorize pet smells like urine or wet dog, no matter the surface (car interiors, tile, couches, etc.).  

Toys and pet beds

Editor Favorite

This dog-size mattress-in-a-box helps Fido get a cushioned, supportive rest — and there’s extra material for dogs who like to move some material around before nesting into their perfect snooze spot

Cats love something to crawl into/stalk from, and this tunnel gives them a little burrowing action and a few places to pop their heads out from to keep an eye on things, plus a ball toy to bat around. 

Balls never cease to amuse dogs, which makes it a sure win of a purchase for you — and the eight-pack means you’ll have some spares when one inevitably gets lost in the underbrush.

A gym/nap spot for your cat, now 20% off — and endless amusement/Instagram opportunities for you. 

Honestly, what do we need to say? This pet hat is perfection in every way.