Amazon's latest Kindle is thinner, lighter and packaged with cover that doubles as a second battery, but the price is a steep $290.

The Kindle Oasis is Amazon’s priciest e-reader, but you can get it now at its lowest price ever during October Prime Day.

Prime Early Access Deal
Currently available for just $179.99, deeply discounted from its original $249.99, the Oasis is a step above the Kindle Paperwhite and a comparative luxury over the most basic Amazon Kindle 2022.

The Kindle Oasis is a decadent treat for anyone looking to either purchase their first e-reader or upgrade to a larger, brighter screen. Not only are we fans of the large, 7-inch screen and super-bright 300-dpi Paperwhite display, but we also appreciate that it’s easier to hold, sturdier and brighter, with an ergonomic design, a heartier metal build and total of 25 LEDs (compared to the Paperwhite’s 17 and the Kindle’s 4).

In addition to its sleek design, you can flip pages either using the two buttons on the device’s side or by swiping the touchscreen. And because of the massive amount of LEDs, you can customize your brightness via the settings menu, depending on where and when you like to read. We are fans of nighttime reading, and tend to dive deep into the orange hues of the Warmness setting. This is one of the biggest, and most helpful, differences between using an e-reader or reading on a phone and tablet.

Plus, because it’s easy to throw the lightweight Kindle Oasis into a bag, carry-on or suitcase, it’s nice to know it has an IPX8 rating that can repel splashes at the beach or even a quick drop in a pool or bathtub.

And for a cool $179.99, which is nearly 30% off, there are even more reasons to pick up this impressive and indulgent e-reader right now.