Odds are you’ve seen Our Place’s Always Pan pop up on your social media feed since its launch in 2019 — influencers post with it regularly, and it’s Oprah Winfrey- and Selena Gomez-approved, the latter of whom released a line with the Los Angeles-based brand last year. If you have yet to be fully influenced, now is the time to hurry and add it to your cart — April 9 is the last day to shop the all-in-one pan, which is 20% off right now.

After we tested out the Always Pan for ourselves, we found it to be a great gift for people just starting to live on their own. Now until April 9 is your last chance to get your hands on it — at a 20% discount to boot.

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As opposed to its typical $145 price tag, the Always Pan is $115 beginning today, the most affordable price it’s had in months since its all-time low at $99 last holiday season. The sale, which is a little over a week long, is your final opportunity to get your hands on this iteration of sleek, best-selling kitchen item. And if you’re looking to refresh even more of your kitchenware this spring, there are several more items on sale at Our Place right now, including some equally photographable bowl and plate sets.

Though you may be convinced to splurge on the Always Pan simply for how stylish it would look on your Instagram — right now, it comes in dusty blue, green, orange and a few other sold-out colorways — it’s known for “doing the jobs of eight pieces of traditional cookware.” Our Place asserts that the pan is capable of braising, frying, steaming, searing, straining, sautéing, boiling, serving and storing. To top it off, it comes with a steam-release lid, built-in beechwood spatula — ideal for cutting down on messes — and a steamer basket that doubles as a colander.

When we tested the Always Pan here at Underscored, we decided it was worth the buy for the most part — and customers appear to agree, as the product boasts a 4.6 star rating with over 32,000 reviews on Our Place’s website. We found that it delivered on its nonstick and eight-in-one claims, though it can’t do more than one of those functions at the same time. However, its multifunctionality makes it ideal for small spaces because it cuts down on how many cookware items you need. The pan had only a few drawbacks: it’s not oven-safe, and it was a bit heavy at about 4 pounds. But it’s built from a sturdy aluminum and coated with non-toxic ceramic, and we thought it felt extremely durable, regardless of its heft.

You can read more about the Always Pan in our review here — ultimately, we think it would make for a good gift for those new to living on their own, so this sale would be perfect to shop with graduation season right around the corner — not to mention if you’re looking to do some spring cleaning and slim down the number of pans in your kitchen.