Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim

As any chef will tell you, the key to great flavor in a meal is the judicious use of fresh herbs, but they tend to be incredibly expensive to buy, especially if you prefer using them more nights than not. Now that we’ve officially entered spring, you might be eager to grow your own herbs. If you lack outdoor space — or a gardener’s green thumb — an Aerogarden system is your ticket to fresh greens at home.

Right now, Woot! is offering the Aerogarden Harvest Elite Slim at 42% off its normal price, meaning this budget-friendly solution just got even more affordable.

Rare Deal

Grow fresh herbs and produce at home with this indoor garden system, almost half off today only.

This Aerogarden produces output at a rate 5 times faster than conventional growing thanks to some powerful LED grow lights, and you can cultivate a wide range of plants, from basil to tomatoes, using less water than you normally would. This kit comes with heirloom salad greens seed pods included so you can get going growing.