Ilia Beauty Fullest Volumizing Mascara
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Instagram-famous beauty brand Ilia just took its makeup line to a whole new level with the release of its latest product, the Fullest Volumizing Mascara. While the brand’s current mascara offering — the Limitless Lash Mascara — is incredibly popular among beauty enthusiasts, selling over 1.5 million units worldwide for its ability to effortlessly achieve the no-makeup makeup look, this latest lash product is bringing the drama in all the best ways.

Ilia Beauty Fullest Volumizing Mascara

Designed to give you thick, luxurious lashes without feeling too heavy, the Fullest Volumizing Mascara is made with a weightless wax blend to offer flexible volume without weighing down your lashes. The formula also includes arginine and provitamin B to nourish lashes and keep them looking thick and healthy on their own.

Paired with the thick, violin shaped-brush, this formula offers just the right amount of drama to your lashes for special occasions and nights out without any flaking or smudging. The mascara has also been ophthalmologist-tested and is safe for contact wearers or people with sensitive eyes. Washing it off is even easy — all you’ll need is some water or gentle cleanser to easily remove the formula without additional scrubbing or irritation.

Ilia Beauty Fullest Volumizing Mascara

As soon as you open the lavender packing, you’ll immediately notice just how much thicker this tube of mascara is than the original Limitless Lash. The wand itself is noticeably larger and unique to other volumizing wands because its tightly packed bristles get thicker at the end of the brush, making it easier to add more volume to the outer corner of your lashes.

Though the formula is surprisingly light, you’ll notice the added volume to your lashes with the first few strokes of the wand. Typically, I’ll wiggle a mascara wand up my lashes to get even more volume, but you don’t really need to do that with this mascara. Overall, this mascara is very buildable, but even if you apply a few layers, you’ll notice it still doesn’t clump.

You can get the new Fullest Volumizing Mascara on Ilia’s website for $28, along with some of our other clean-beauty faves like the Super Serum Skin Tint SPF40.