Colourpop Hocus Pocus Coven Crew Collection
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“Hocus Pocus” fans who have been looking to conjure up more of ColourPop’s latest Coven Crew Collection are now in luck: The witches are back, and there’s hell to pay.

ColourPop's Hocus Pocus-themed collection is back in stock for a limited time
The new Hocus Pocus-themed collection features Sanderson sisters-inspired shadow palettes, lip cremes and even a black flame candle.

The collection originally launched last year but returned from the dead with even more wickedly good cosmetics on Sept. 23 of this year before selling out in mere hours. Now the entire relaunched Coven Crew Collection has been restocked once again — and it’s selling out fast.

If you’re dressing up as Winnie, Sarah or Mary Sanderson this Halloween, or you’re just a superfan of the 1993 Disney movie starring Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy, there’s something in this brew for you. Get the full Coven Crew Set, featuring the Witching Hour palette with 12 spooky Sanderson-themed shades, three new shadow pots from the Super Shock Shadow Kit aptly named Trouble Brewing, several enchanting shades of Fresh Kiss Lip Cremes, a spider QT Mark Face Stamp, the I Shall Always Be With You Mirror and naturally, a chestnut-scented black flame candle all for $99. Virgins with lighters, beware.

Colourpop Hocus Pocus Coven Crew Collection

All items are also sold individually for as low as $7 each, so you can snag other sets, including a few spellbinding eye shadow palettes, individual shadows and lip gloss sets, to create your own personalized pack of treats.

Just be sure to snag the item you’ve had your eye on before it’s curtains for this encore performance.

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