The Wax Kit

For people who remove hair from their lips, pits, legs or wherever else, Billie has surprised us with a new addition to its hair-removal line that isn’t something for shaving. Instead, the brand, which makes our favorite razor for women, has just dropped a bundle for DIY at-home waxing called The Wax Kit.

The kits come in two different versions, Body & Underarm ($10 for 36 strips) and Face & Bikini ($9 for 32 strips), and are made to be as easy to use as possible, complete with customized sizing for the area you’re targeting. The vegan strips are soft-gel wax, and you can use each at least three times to get every last hair off. They also include post-wax serum wipes and a step-by-step guide if you need a (paper) hand to hold.

The kit includes 24 large and 12 medium wax strips and six post-wax serum wipes.
This Wax Kit comes with 12 small and 20 medium strips designed for more sensitive areas, plus six serum wipes.

The good news: After all this, you should be good to go with smooth skin for up to four weeks or so, meaning you don’t have to wax every couple of days like you might with shaving. Plus, with features like extra-long pull tabs and ready-to-go design, these strips help make the process a little less painful.