The Gen Z tribe has spoken. Matte lipsticks that stay put after hours of wear can stay in 2016 — the reigning lip product of the year is lip gloss, and we’re so here for the way it adds a dewy glow to your face while looking completely effortless. The only downside to the new (yet borrowed from the ‘90s) trend? It tends to feel way too sticky on our lips and get caught in our hair on windy days. Luckily, there’s lots you can do to find the perfect non-sticky lip gloss for you.

“When looking for a non-sticky gloss you want a formula that is not too loose — if it’s not dense enough it will bleed and most likely be sticky,” says J. Brandon Correa, a YSL Beauty makeup artist. “Something slightly denser will provide stability and a more balm-like glaze. I also look for any gloss containing either hyaluronic acid or vitamin E … If you can treat your lips and have the shine, why compromise?” He appreciates that the YSL Candy Glaze Lip Gloss Stick, for example, features an applicator akin to that of a standard tube of lipstick instead of a doe foot, making for an all-around cleaner and less sticky lip gloss application.

Samantha Cutler, makeup development expert and founder and CEO of Petite ‘n Pretty, says the base of a gloss formula is generally sticky in order for it to have some sort of body or feel substantial, “but you need to add in waxes or clays in order to give cushion and comfort to the overall texture.” She says to look for waxes and clays to help the formula feel more creamy and less sticky on your lips, like synthetic beeswax and stearalkonium bentonite respectively.

For added comfort, she says to stay away from large particle pearls or chunky glitters that cause your lip gloss to feel gritty on your lips and opt instead for oils that promote color clarity, vibrance and comfort. A solid oil base to look for includes jojoba oil since it’s light and hydrating, according Tara Gold, a Montreal-based makeup artist. Additionally, Cutler says you’ll want to look for hydrocarbon resin, which is a “hard resin that gives the formula its structure [and] it allows the formula to hold a high level of pearls without interrupting the texture and comfort on lips.”

Now for the fun part: shopping for the best expert-approved non-sticky lip glosses to add to your everyday makeup routine.

One of Cutler’s all-time-favorite non-sticky lip glosses is loaded with nourishing oils like raspberry seed, castor and vitamin-rich rosehip, and comes in 12 stunning jelly-like shades. They’re vegan and cruelty-free, and look ever better when mixed and matched for a personalized look.

Cutler appreciates this non-sticky lip gloss for its bomb formula filled with vitamin A and its delectable vanilla peach scent. It has buildable pigmented coverage and high shine, making it the perfect all-in-one lip treatment. 

If there’s one non-sticky lip gloss worth investing in, it’s Cutler’s go-to Dior product. It comes in 23 high-shine hues in both glossy and shimmery formats and features hydrating hyaluronic acid for an instant plumping effect.

Rare Beauty lip products are quite literally a rare find in that they’re frequently sold out, so if you happen to see them in stock, grab Gold’s favorite non-sticky lip gloss stat. This glorious cross between a gloss and a balm nourishes lips like a mask using soothing ingredients like lotus, gardenia and white water lily, and comes in five neutral and bright hues.

Clean beauty brand Merit gets Gold’s stamp of approval for its weightless oily feel that goes on slick. It’s made with jojoba oil that forms a protective barrier on your lips and shea butter and grapeseed to soften for a non-sticky glossy look.

This luxurious formula, available in 11 shades, relies on primrose and avocado oil to deliver an effortless dewy look, peptides to plump and hyaluronic acid and konjac root to hydrate for a lip gloss that feels as great as it looks. 

This lip gloss is a stellar option for its price point and glossy-meets-balm formula that won’t stick. It comes in a whopping 41 shades that boast either a satin, high-shine or shimmery finish while mango and grapeseed oils both nourish and hydrate your lips.

You’ll be one swipe closer to Kylie’s signature plump pout with this vegan high-shine gloss that uses stearalkonium bentonite clay to create a non-sticky feel. It comes in 17 versatile hues that look stunning alone or paired with your favorite lipstick. 

Thanks to the addition of synthetic beeswax, this multipurpose balm-meets-gloss will look and feel delicious on your skin — both on your lips, and anywhere you need some extra TLC. It’s packed with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalane and vitamins A and C.

This no-fuss, no-stick lip gloss uses jojoba oil to keep things looking and feeling slick, hyaluronic acid to instantly plump and caprylyl glycol to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Its clear formula looks as luscious paired alone as it does layered over your favorite matte lip color.

High winds and shoulder-length hair are no match for this non-sticky gloss that uses a combination of waxes and plant oils to keep things slick and smooth. It comes in 11 shades for every occasion. 

For a pillowy pout without the stickiness, opt for Glossier’s lip gloss infused with smoothing jojoba oil and hydrating vitamin E. It comes in three must-have hues from clear to holographic and sheer red.

Synthetic waxes, stearalkonium bentonite and vitamin E all make this gloss a non-stick winner whether you opt for a shimmer, high-shine or glitter finish. 

For a lip product that glides on smooth, opt for Lady Gaga’s dramatically high-shine lip gloss made with synthetic waxes, stearalkonium bentonite and vitamin E. Its built-in reflective details deliver a natural plumping effect while its 20 sheer colorways are vibrant yet buildable for a customizable color.

Beyond its mouth-watering tropical scent, this non-sticky moisturizing lip gloss feels smooth against your lips thanks to nourishing ingredients like squalene, shea butter and vitamin E for a versatile gloss that’s incredibly comfortable for all-day wear.

This lip conditioner prioritizes keeping lips soft and moisturized with hyaluronic acid and cupuaçu seed butter, with the added benefit of a glossy, non-sticky finish. Layer it on top of Ourself's plumping Lip Filler for an enhanced lip look.